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Consulta il calendario degli eventi seminariali che si tengono presso il Dipartimento.

IA e occupazione femminile: opportunità e minacce

Leveraging Textual Specifications for Automated Attack Discovery in Network Protocols

Mini-Workshop on AI approaches to the analysis of plants' health

Photonic quantum information processing

Towards Adaptive Context-aware Intelligent Environments

Optimal Predictive Control of Smart Cyber-physical Systems

Kolmogorov meets Turing - Workshop

Seminario Pubblico di Ivan Visconti

Taming the Cost of Deep Neural Models: Hybrid Models to the Rescue?

Seminario percorso di eccellenza - Marco Franzoso - Costruzione di un racconto

Violenza di genere: aprire le porte al futuro e alla speranza. La lezione di Giulia Cecchettin.

Submodular optimization and interpretable machine learning

Digital Divide - La sfida continua

Lisa Cuneo: Explainable-by-design machine learning model for unmixing fluorescence signal based on fluorescence lifetime

"HE- based Privacy preserving training of ML models through Microsoft SEAL

Attualità e prospettive del sistema italiano di valutazione della ricerca

Conferimento del premio per tesi di laurea magistrale in memoria del prof. Camil Demetrescu

Portwings: Decoding the physics of flapping flight

Presentazione del libro "Charting Digital Sovereignty: A Survival Playbook" di Roberto Baldoni

Seminario pubblico di Chiara Conti

Talk: Structure-based Drug Design and Molecular Optimisation with Diffusion Models

Seminario pubblico di Alessandro Annarelli

Wide-Sense Localization Research at Linköping University

Aspects of Decentralized Tracking under Communication Constraints

Talk: Nonlinear Sheaf Diffusion in Graph Neural Networks

Symbiotic Human-AI Interaction: Examples in Robotics and Finance

Seminar: Towards Autonomous and Adaptable Digital Twins

Seminario pubblico Giuseppe Antonio Di Luna

Lessons Learned In Building Trustworthy Systems with Trusted Execution Environments

Seminar on Graph Neural Networks for temporal graphs: State of the art, open challenges, and opportunities


A machine learning approach for the project of an amorphous silicon optical logic gate based on an Electrically Reconfigurable Metamaterial

Termination Analysis of Rule-based Ontological Reasoning

Prof. Everton J. Silva: An Inexact Restoration Direct Multisearch Filter Approach to Constrained Optimization

Seminario pubblico Daniele Cono D'Elia

From Non-deterministic Planning to Agent Planning Programs and Goal Recognition

Fuzzy Modeling Problems of Facility Location/Transportation Planning in Disaster-Stricken Zones

Securing Complex Systems: a bottom-up approach

Seminario Bernhard von Stengel (London School of Economics) - Zero-sum Games and LP Duality

Seminario pubblico di Laura Astolfi

Seminar PhD Data Science

Interpretable Neural Symbolic AI


Seminario pubblico di Chiara Grosso, Procedura valutativa per n.1 posti di Ricercatore a tempo determinato tipologia A - SC 09/B3 SSD ING-IND/35 - Closed-loop, sustainable, inclusive factories and processes

Diversity & Inclusion seminar - 23 October, 10:00 AM, DIAG@Sapienza

PhD course Data Science: Crypto and Incentive-based Mechanisms for Blockchain Technology

Seminario pubblico di Giulio Rigoni (Procedura valutativa per n.4 posti di Ricercatore a tempo determinato tipologia A - SC 09/H1 SSD ING-INF/05)

Seminario pubblico di Simone Conia (Procedura valutativa per n.4 posti di Ricercatore a tempo determinato tipologia A - SC 09/H1 SSD ING-INF/05) -

Seminario pubblico di Graziano Blasilli (Procedura valutativa per n.1 posto di Ricercatore a tempo determinato tipologia A - SC 09/H1 SSD ING-INF/05)

Seminario pubblico di Leandro de Souza Rosa, Procedura valutativa per n.4 posti di Ricercatore a tempo determinato tipologia A - SC 09/H1 SSD ING-INF/05 - Towards Robots in Our Daily Lives

Seminario pubblico di Elena Umili (Procedura valutativa per n.4 posti di Ricercatore a tempo determinato tipologia A - SC 09/H1 SSD ING-INF/05) - Integrating Linear Temporal Logic with Deep-Learning-Based Applications

Seminario pubblico di Federico Scafoglieri (Procedura valutativa per n.4 posti di Ricercatore a tempo determinato tipologia A - SC 09/H1 SSD ING-INF/05)

Seminario pubblico di Anna Livia Croella (Procedura valutativa per n.1 posto di Ricercatore a tempo determinato tipologia A - SC 01/A6 SSD MAT/09)

Seminario pubblico di Federica Baccini (Procedura valutativa per n.1 posto di Ricercatore a tempo determinato tipologia A - SC 09/H1 SSD ING-INF/05)

Bringing Science to Process Performance Management

Integrating Graph Representation Learning and Diffusion: Computational Models and Applications in Chemistry and Medicine.

Data Science PhD course-AI in the Wild & Knowledge Intensive NLP

Corso di dottorato Data Science - AI in the Wild & Knowledge Intensive NLP

Intelligent robotic ecosystem: needs and applications related to the activity of the RIFTSI research laboratory

Seminario pubblico di Antonio Maria Sudoso - Procedura selettiva per n.1 posto di Ricercatore a tempo determinato tipologia A - SC 01/A6 SSD MAT/09

PhD course - Spectral graph theory and random walks: connections and applications

Stable matchings in choice function models: algorithms, polyhedra, and an application to school choice

Seminars in AI and robotics

Seminario pubblico di Silvia Colabianchi (Procedura selettiva per n.1 posto di Ricercatore a tempo determinato tipologia A - SC 09/B2 SSD ING-IND/17)

Sharding and Blockchain: on the cross-chain smart contracts

EECI 2023 International Graduate School on Control of Soft and Articulated Elastic Robots

Seminario di Yannis Ioannidis (ACM President)

Laurea Honoris Causa a Silvio Micali

Multi-Swap Local Search for K-means: Dr. Lorenzo Beretta (Univ. of Copenhagen)

Seminario pubblico di Emanuele De Santis (Procedura selettiva per n.1 posto di Ricercatore a tempo determinato tipologia A - SC 09/G1 SSD ING-INF/04)

Seminar: Putting energy and geometry back in robotics

PaSh: Scaling out Shell Programs, Automatically

Artificial Intelligence, Robots and Torts: Challenges and Perspectives

Wandercraft: Making wheelchair users walk again - Presenting the exoskeleton Atalante

Conferimento del premio per tesi di laurea magistrale in memoria del prof. Camil Demetrescu

Seminario pubblico di Edoardo Barba (procedura valutativa per n.3 posti di Ricercatore a tempo determinato tipologia A - SC 09/H1, SSD ING-INF/05)

Seminario pubblico di Martina Gregori

Seminario pubblico di Nicola Scianca (procedura valutativa per n.1 posto di Ricercatore a tempo determinato tipologia A - SC 09/G1, SSD ING-INF/04)

Seminario pubblico di Ala Arman (Procedura valutativa per n. 1 posti di Ricercatore a tempo determinato tipologia A - PNRR PE11 Spoke 8 SC 09/H1 SSD ING-INF/05) - Lunedì 20/03/2023 ore 10.00, Aula Magna

Ontology-based Data Management


Seminario pubblico di Simone Agostinelli (Procedura valutativa per n.3 posti di Ricercatore a tempo determinato tipologia A - PNRR PE1 Spoke 5 SC 09/H1 SSD ING-INF/05) - Martedì 21/03/2023 ore 10.00, Aula Magna

Byzantine fault-tolerant information dissemination protocols in distributed systems

Seminario pubblico di Emma Colamarino (procedura valutativa per n.1 posto di Ricercatore a tempo determinato tipologia A - SC 09/G2 SSD ING-INF/06) - Martedì 21/03/23 ore 11.00, Aula Magna

Seminario pubblico di Giovanni Trappolini (Procedura valutativa per n.1 posto di Ricercatore a tempo determinato tipologia A - SC 09/H1 SSD ING-INF/05)

Seminario pubblico di Federico Fusco (Procedura valutativa per n.1 posto di Ricercatore a tempo determinato tipologia A - SC 09/H1 SSD ING-INF/05) - 21/03/23 ore 12.00, Aula Magna

Seminario pubblico di Riccardo Marzano

Optimization Models for Learning Consumer Preferences

Joint IFAC/IEEE CSS Nonlinear Control Systems Webinar

Exploring Change – A New Dimension of Data Analytics

Stability analysis of a class of discrete-time discontinuous systems

Towards Data meshes fueling MLOps

"Using delays for control" by Prof. Emilia Fridman

Recent Advancements in Equilibrium Computation for Adversarial Team Games

Industrial Automation: The role of the Automation Engineer

An Exact Solver for QUBO Problems using the Mixing Method

ORGANIZZAZIONE E GESTIONE DI UN GRUPPO DI LAVORO. Il caso dell'Italia campione del mondo 1982

A primer on bilevel optimization under uncertainty

Prof. Ophir Frieder's Talk: Computational Intelligence for Health

Symbiotic Control in soft wearable Robotics for Human Augmentation and Assistance

Talk: Panning for insights in medicine and beyond: New frontiers in machine learning interpretability

Multi-robot task planning and control under spatiotemporal specifications

Intelligenza Artificiale e Diritto: Prospettive e Problemi Aperti

Symbolic AI Research and Industry: A Personal Journey

Inaugurazione del Dottorato di Ricerca in Cybersecurity

Webinar Paolo Gasti "Secure Biometric Authentication Using Privacy-Preserving Cryptographic Protocols"

From image to geometry processing: Basics, AI and modern approaches

Programming Agents via Evaluative Feedback - Michael Littman

Better Together: Combining Sketching and Sampling for Effective Stream Processing

Adriana Wilde. On human-centric computing and other challenges of today: a personal perspective

Workshop with Alan Dix on AI & HCI

Security and Privacy of IoT Apps and Devices

Machine learning in social media: topic modeling, community detection and causal inference

Seminario pubblico di Antonio Franchi

Logical Team Q-learning: An approach towards factored policies in cooperative MARL

Detecting the "Fake News" Before It Was Even Written, Media Literacy, and Flattening the Curve of the COVID-19 Infodemic

Seminario pubblico di Mattia Mattioni

Workshop on Ten Years of BabelNet and Multilingual Neurosymbolic Natural Language Understanding

Plus Ultra Big Data @DIAG

Frontiers of the Evaluation. Workshop in Honour of the Memory of Henk F. Moed (1951-2021)

Theory and Practice of Deep Learning

Using hybrid patch decomposition to solve multi-objective mixed-integer convex optimization problems

Esame Finale Dottorato in Data Science

Developing a Motor Brain for Continuum Soft Robots

Formation Mission Design for Commercial Aircraft

PLUSULTRABIGDATA@DIAG - Uno spettacolo per coniugare il futuro imperfetto

Beyond quantization: beating the encoder precision in motion systems

AIxIA Spotlight Seminars on AI: From Semantic Networks to Knowledge Graphs by Maurizio Lenzerini

The role of Mathematical Optimization to enhance Transparency in Data Science

Learning graph representations with random walks: models and applications

Accelerated Deep Learning via Efficient, Compressed and Managed Communication

Seminario pubblico di Riccardo Lazzeretti

Seminario pubblico di Irene Amerini

Seminario pubblico di Pietro Aricò

Software Testing Meets Big Data: Scalable Approaches for Large Test Suites

PlusUltraBigData@Diag - Big data, fattore comune di ambiti diversi: da Medical Facts al mondo dello sport

Talking Hands: a wearable device for gesture recognition

Seminario pubblico di Andrea Cristofaro

Summer School on Optimization, Big Data and Applications

Outracing champion Gran Turismo drivers with deep reinforcement learning

Cutaneous haptic feedback for robotics and Virtual Reality

Seminar lectures by Prof. Rachid Alami

Seminar lectures by Prof. Rachid Alami

Seminar lectures by Prof. Rachid Alami

Seminar lectures by Prof. Rachid Alami

Seminar lectures by Prof. Rachid Alami

Seminario pubblico Saverio Salzo vincitore procedura selettiva RTDB-SSD MAT/09

Seminario pubblico di Lorenzo Farina

Seminario pubblico di Jlenia Toppi

MORE@DIAG Seminar: Measuring metric-wiseness: Is knowledge about bibliometric indicators homogenous across faculty at a university?

Methods for continuous optimization: active-set techniques, decomposition schemes and derivative-free approaches

SEMINAR - Antonio Franchi (University of Twente, The Netherlands): Design and Control of Unconventional Aerial Multirotor Systems for Physical Contact and Manipulation

Summer School on Optimization, Big Data and Applications (OBA) 2022

Data Science PhD course on Digital Epidemiology

A Visual data story: inception, evolution, and actual state of Visualization (my view of)

Intelligent Autonomous Systems in Extreme Environments

seminario pubblico di Alessandro Avenali 02/03/22 ore 9:30 (procedura valutativa per n.1 posto prof. di ruolo di I fascia - codice concorso 2021POR039 - SC 09/B3 - SSD ING-IND/35)

Seminario pubblico di Aristides Anagnostopoulos

From optimal control to optimal decision support: Applications to epidemics containment strategies

On positive and hybrid systems: Theory and applications

Strict Lyapunov functions for consensus under directed connected graphs

Semi-Implicit Euler Discretization of Homogeneous Differentiators

Distributed output-feedback observer-less consensus control of nonholonomic systems over networks with communication delays

Industrial Automation: The role of the Automation Engineer (February 10, 14:00)

The expressive power of Graph Neural Networks - A unifying point of view

Talk: Zero-knowledge proofs

Machine Learning: il motore dell'intelligenza artificiale e dell'investigazione scientifica guidata dai big data

Bilevel stochastic methods for optimization and machine learning: Bilevel stochastic descent and DARTS

A network-based algorithm for drug repurposing and its application to COVID-19.

Control problems for environmental protection and the green transition

Trust: from social implication to cybersecurity management

Input allocation with redundant actuators via reduction theorems: some aerospace applications

Towards Capturing PTIME with no Counting Construct (but with a version of Hilbert's Choice operator)

Towards verifying AI systems based on deep Neural networks - Prof. Alessio Lomuscio (Imperial College London, UK)

Seminario pubblico Luca Fraccascia (procedura selettiva di chiamata per n. 1 posto di RTD B - codice bando 2021RTDB007)

Robotic Process Automation and Mining

SUMMER SEMINARS ON CYBERSECURITY: Prof. Ivan Visconti (UNISA) "Cryptography for Blockchain Technology"

Seminario pubblico su "Control Problems in the Clean Energy Transition"

Smart Environments: Methodologies and Applications

EigenGame: PCA as a Nash Equilibrium

Digital Entrepreneurship and Health Innovation

Summer Seminars on Cybersecurity: Dario Fiore (IMDEA) - "Cryptography for Privacy and Integrity of Computation on Untrusted Machines"

SEMINAR - Paolo Robuffo Giordano (CNRS): Recent Advances in Shared Control for Tele-manipulation and Tele-navigation

Seminario pubblico e lezione pubblica di Fabio Furini

Magnetically-Actuated Flexible and Minaturized Systems

Computational argumentation: from non-monotonic reasoning to deep argumentative explanations

Seminario pubblico PO MAT/09

Data Science PhD course Neural Information Retrieval and NLP - Proff. Fabrizio Silvestri e Nicola Tonellotto

MORE@DIAG Seminar: Il Modello Fondi-Flussi: Analisi di Alcuni Casi Aziendali Mediante Kronos Calc

MORE@DIAG Seminar: Regolamentazione dei servizi idrici

MORE@DIAG Seminar: Causal inference from observational data: concepts and recent methodological advances

Seminario pubblico Valerio DOSE - The Price of Anarchy in Routing Games as a function of the demand: how the amount of traffic affects the efficiency of selfish routing

Seminario pubblico Fabio Nonino

Query Answering and Query Abstraction through Ontologies

The Road to Servitization - How Servitization Can Disrupt Companies’ Business Models?

A fast paced stroll from theory to practice in systems research

A research report on data driven approaches to robot perception for navigation and other applications

Per una nuova etica dell’intelligenza artificiale: le tecnologie rinnovano e cambiano l’umano

A journey through service architectures and process management towards resilient and dynamic smart enterprises (seminario per presa servizio come ordinario)

A sequential optimization approach for multi-follower games (public)

Incomplete information in data management

Finding bugs and vulnerabilities in real-world software (public)

What do we know about Efficiency, Effectiveness and Impact of Education and Research? (public)

On the control of nonlinear systems under sampling and delays

Data Science PhD Course - Data Science and Network Medicine for Health and Medical Research

Algorithms for Organizing Workers in the Online Labor Market and for Reducing Recommendation-Bias in Online Markets

MORE@DIAG Seminar: Regolazione economica e impatti sulla performance delle utility

Antitrust and firm behavior (public)

Derivative-free methods for black-box optimization problems (public)

Robustness in Language Models: From Misspelling Resistant Embedding to Fact Checkable Text Generation (public)

Economic and regulatory issues of public utilities: a focus on energy and waste (public)

Data Science for Geographical Information System Applications - Data Science PhD Course

Presentazione del libro di Felice Lopresto

Data Science PhD course on Computational and Statistical Methods of Data Reduction

Technological innovation, externalities, and public policies (public)

Brain-Computer Interfaces for Neurorehabilitation: Design and Application (public)

2020 ABRO Course on Advances in Automatic Control

2020 ABRO Course on Advances in Automatic Control

2020 ABRO Course on Advances in Automatic Control

2020 ABRO Course on Advances in Automatic Control

ABRO- PhD Course- New dates

PhD Course on Smart Environments: Technologies, state of the art and research challenges (TYPE B CREDITS) - NEW DATES

Text alignment in early printed books combining deep learning and dynamic programming

Computational and Statistical Methods of Data Reduction - Data Science PhD Course

Software Exploitation: Hardware is the New Black

MORE@DIAG Seminar Nonparametric Estimation of Efficiency in the Presence of Environmental Variables

Nonlinear optimization algorithms and models: MINLP, Machine Learning and applications

Automazione: La figura professionale dell’Ingegnere - 2° Incontro tra aziende e studenti

Some results on optimal control applied to epidemics (public)

Quantum supremacy: status and perspectives

Data Science for Humanities - Data Science PhD Course

MORE@DIAG: Landscape and Training Dynamics of DNNs: lessons from physics-inspired methods

Almost equitable partitions and geometry of the network structure: Applications to cyber-physical systems

Modeling and optimal control of computer virus propagation

Publication in high impact journals: an author point of view

Cost Sharing over Combinatorial Domains

Build, Run, Survive: how to design efficient systems that can withstand adversarial settings

Wearable haptic technologies for robotics and immersive virtual environments

Structural accessibility and structural observability of networked systems, with examples from biology

MORE@DIAG Seminar of Joanna Wolszczak-Derlacz: Quality of Non Academic staff and its impact on the Performance: an Exploration on European Universities

Two quantitative studies concerning voting systems

SEMINAR - Angela Faragasso (University of Tokyo): Toward Reproducible Research: Benchmarking and Verification in Medical and Remote-Controlled Rescue Robotics

La gestione dei processi di sicurezza nei programmi internazionali per lo sviluppo dei sistemi strategici e le infrastrutture critiche

Prospettive etiche dell’intelligenza artificiale: sfide e svolte

Graph Clustering with Noisy Queries and Motifs

Communications at the speed of light

Nonlinear Unknown Input Observability: the General Analytic Solution

9Conversations: Network building for self-employment of refugees.

A quantitative study of vulnerabilities in the Medical Internet of Things

Tutorial on Embedded Artificial Intelligence

Workshop on Ambient Intelligence for promoting Sustainable Behaviors

Workshop on Edge Machine Learning for Smart IoT Environments

SynchroniCity: Moving the market beyond Smart City Islands

Evidence based UX: A case study of using UX research to allocate funds for a product backlog in the smart mobility

Datapoiesis: art, data and AI to create augmented sensibility to complex phenomena

End-User Personalization of the Internet of Things

9th Meeting on Industrial Vision

Concurrent Dictionaries Supporting Complex Queries

Seminar: Control of Soft Robots

Seminar: Factor Graphs and Distributed Inference in Robotics and Vision

Locomotion strategies for quadruped robots

Design and Implementation of an Automated Event Log Analysis System based on Event Correlation and Machine Learning

Premio MIMOS alla migliore tesi di laurea magistrale a uno studente del DIAG

25 anni di ISFORT: Il contributo scientifico e di innovazione della Ricerca di ISFORT nell'Italia dei Trasporti

AI: Advances in Imagination

Augmented Lagrangian Approaches for Solving Doubly Nonnegative Programs

From traditional power systems to smart grids: A control perspective

From Decentralized Data Collection to Decentralized Data Management

Workshop "Critical Issues in Transport Economics"

On Recent Modifications of Conjugate Gradient Algorithms for Large-Scale Unconstrained Optimization

Strategies for Countering Fake Information: new trends in multimedia authenticity verification and source identification

Computing with private data - Data Processing in the Encrypted Domain


Cognitive Social Robots

Attracting Research Funds: Matching high impact practical problem with high impact research

Digitalization and business model innovation in the Swedish industrial ecosystem: Opportunities, challenges and lesson learned

Overview of research activity in the field of systems and control methodologies applied to network control problems

Analysis of the structural properties of time--delay systems affected by constant commensurate delays

Conspicuous by Its Absence: Diagnostic Expert Testing under Uncertainty

"2009-2019: the #10yearschallenge of Mobile Security"

Learning, Conjoint Analysis, and Binary Quadratic Optimization

A cut generation scheme for binary polynomial optimization problems

Linear Complementarity Problems: Applications, Formulations and Algorithms

31st International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering (CAiSE 2019)

First International Workshop on Open Data and Ontologies for Cultural Heritage (ODOCH 2019)

Some results in optimal control of mobile robots

Algorithmic bias and ethics of ML systems
 - Data Science PhD Course

EEG-based brain connectivity underlying the neural basis of human cognition

MORE@DIAG: Le politiche energetiche italiane e la sfida della sostenibilità

Smart Environments. Incorporating Users via Behaviors' Analysis and Advanced Interfaces

MORE@DIAG: Algorithmic Configuration By Learning And Optimization

Fondi UE: a cosa servono e cosa Finanziano - Il PON Imprese e Competitività

Distributed Models, Mapreduce and Large Scale Algorithms

vincitrice RTD-A per il SSD ING-INF/06

Neural Natural Language Processing - Dr. Fabrizio Silvestri (Facebook)

Shufang Zhu - Temporal Synthesis with Reachability and Safety Goals

Simple versus Optimal Contracts

Handling non-convex or expensive objectives: algorithms for multiobjective optimization without scalarization

Economic sustainability of biomethane: The green revolution in the transport sector.

Inaugurazione Master di I livello in Management del Trasporto Pubblico Locale

The interplay between technology characteristics, R&D internationalization, and new product introduction


Equal-Cost Mechanism Design with Monitoring

Workshop: "Procurement design of local public transport services"

Computational Systems Medicine - What I learned about Arnold Schwarzenegger while studying breast cancer survival

IoT Edge Computing at NEC Labs

Optimality, Approximation and Robustness in Auctions

An Optimal Truthful Mechanism for the Online Weighted Bipartite Matching Problem

Certain Answers Meet Zero-One Laws

Luca Trevisan (Univ. Berkeley) : A Theory of Spectral Clustering

Symmetric Searchable Encryption with Sharing and Unsharing

Assessing Cyber Security for Complex Systems

3DmFV: 3D Point Cloud Classification in Real-Time using Convolutional Neural Network

Identificazione e controllo ottimo, bioingegneria, gestione del traffico su reti al DIAG, ieri, oggi e domani

ABRO Ph.D. course: Hybrid systems, Computation and Control

Research Methodologies in Human Robot Interaction

Seminario - Luca Fraccascia

From Information to Knowledge: an overview of public available Knowledge Graphs

Sampling-based algorithms for path-finding in continuous cost-spaces: applications to robotics and structural biology

SEMINAR - Anton Shiriaev (NTNU): Trajectory planning for mechanical systems with two and more passive degrees of freedom

Connectivity analysis based on EEG recordings: from motor tasks to the human social brain

SEMINAR - Prof. Endre Boros, Rutgers University. "Justifiable and ethical learning - a mathematical view"

Ph.D. course: metric regularity of set-valued mappings with application to optimization

SEMINAR - Prof. Markos Papageorgiou, "Freeway trafffic control"

Program Verification in First-Order Logic - Fangzhen Lin (Hong Kong Univ)

MORE@DIAG Innovation Policy and Governance, STI Policy Monitoring and Innovation for Inclusive Growth

The OECD Benchmarking Higher Education System Performance Project: Research questions and data opportunities

PhD course: Algorithms for nonsmooth optimization

MORE@DIAG: Modeling, Simulation, and Uncerainty Quantification. in Biomechanics and Cardi

CERIMONIA INAUGURALE MASTER di II livello in Ingegneria Gestionale per le Aziende Sanitarie (IGAS)

Joe Halpern (Cornell University) - Actual Causality: A Survey

Seminar: Steve Tumson, "Regulating Robotics", April 10 at 16:00

Can We Trust SQL as a Data Analytics Tool?

MORE@DIAG Seminars: (11:30) A feasible rounding approach for mixed-integer optimization problems; (12:15) The Cone Condition and Nonsmoothness in Linear Generalized Nash Games

A brief introduction to Web of Science and InCites basics - InCites Laboratory

Tight Space Lower Bounds for Fault-Tolerant Approximate Diameter and Radius

The confounding problem of private data release

Cognitive Developmental Robotics: yesterday, today, and tomorrow

Picked by a robot: Behavior Trees for real world robotic applications in logistics

Runtime Aware Architectures

Modeling the Next-Generation High Performance Schedulers

MORE@DIAG Seminar: New developments in Applied Evaluative Informetrics

Automazione: La figura professionale dell’Ingegnere - Incontro tra aziende e studenti

AISM@DIAG - Affrontare la complessità della sclerosi multipla: dalla medicina al data analytics

MORE@DIAG Seminar: Georgescu-Roegen's flow-fund model, uncertainty, innovation and the theory of the firm

Rule Control of Teleo-Reactive, Multi-tasking, Communicating Robotic Agents

MORE@DIAG: The Problem of Democratization of Evaluation and Altmetrics - Cinzia Daraio

Resting state networks as spatio-temporal priors for natural vision

Amorphous silicon photonics devices

Could technology help democracy? Using Blockchain to eliminate Fake News.

MORE@DIAG SEMINAR: Analysing the R&D of big companies: data challenges and relevant policy issues

Nikos Parotsidis: Decremental Single-Source Reachability and Strongly Connected Components

High-order optimality in nonlinear optimization: necessary conditions and a conceptual approach of evaluation complexity -- Philippe Toint

Composite games: strategies, equilibria and dynamics -- Sylvain Sorin

Stephane Caron: Pendular models for walking over rough terrains

Chris Schwiegelsohohn: On the Local Structure of Stable Clustering Instances

Distinguish lecture in AI by Randy Goebel (U. Alberta) and David Israel (SRI)

Solving Semantic Segmentation: Precision Matrix, Knowledge-Based Rules and Generator Adversarial Network (GAN)

Scalable and secure software: new and old challenges in programming languages -- Seminario relativo a procedura valutativa a prof. di I fascia SC 09/H1 SSD ING-INF/05 indetta con D.R. n. 3153/2016 del 13/12/2016

Data Integration: an ontology-based perspective -- Seminario relativo a procedura valutativa prof. II fascia SC 09/H1 SSD ING-INF/05 indetta con D.R. n. 3188/2016 del 15/12/2016

Learning to Cache through Predictive Execution

Low Compute and Fully Parallel Computer Vision with HashMatch

MORE@DIAG - Speakers: Tommaso Colombo; Ludovica Maccarrone

MORE@DIAG - Seminar series

MORE@DIAG July 5th, 2017: Francesco Lissoni - Gianluca Tarasconi

MORE@DIAG: Marianna De Santis - Giorgio Grani

Consistent K-Clustering - Silvio Lattanzi (Google Research), Wednesday, May 24th, 15:00

MORE@DIAG Seminar: On the approximate solution of large dense Linear Programs

PID Passivity-Based Control: Application to Energy and Mechanical Systems

MORE@DIAG Seminar: Explaining Performance of Governance Reforms in Higher Education. A Systematic Assessment in a Comparative Perspective

Predictive Monitoring of Business Processes

MORE@DIAG SEMINAR: Science Policy as a Prerequisite of Industrial Policy

Cyber attacks: preliminary evidence from the Bank of Italy's business surveys

Data-driven causal search: limits and possibilities

Giornata Inaugurale Master di II Livello in Management del Trasporto Pubblico Locale

Spectral Approaches to Partial Deformable Shape Matching

Signal Processing in the Encrypted Domain for Privacy Preserving Applications

Model-based Governance for Smart Organizational Future

Da Vinci Talents and the Dynamics of Creativity: discovering the genius inside yourself

Obscuring code -- Towards Systematic Code Obfuscation

Learning to Reuse Visual Knowledge

MORE@DIAG SEMINAR: Linear term structure of interest rates

L’insegnamento tramite il gioco: teoria e pratica di una metodologia di successo

Interactive humanoids and our future life

Applications of HPC in quantum mechanics - two case studies

Aristides Gionis: Mining temporal networks

Robots@DIAG - European Robotics Week

MORE@DIAG Seminar: The implementation of Efficiency and Productivity Analysis Models

Efficient Stream Analysis and its Application to Big Data Processing

Seminar by Romaric Ludinard: Safety Analysis of recent Bitcoin Improvement Proposals

Prof. H. Kjellstrom: Learning Factorized Latent Representations Using IBTM

MORE@DIAG: DIAG Seminars on Management, Operations Research, and Economics of Science&Technology

Bilevel Programs and Nash games

Universities in the Twenty-first century

Planning and controlling robot motion in the presence of tasks and constraints: From mobile manipulators to humanoids

SEMINARIO: Recent Progress on Derivative-Free Trust-Region Methods

Development and Training of Multiagent Systems

Sensitivity Auditing: theory, implementation and examples

Elisa Ricci - Learning from noisy and missing data: introducing matrix completion for human behaviour analysis from visual inputs

The Evolution of Scale Economies in U.S. Banking

Sang-Wook Kim - “Told You I Didn’t Like It”: Exploiting Uninteresting Items for Effective Collaborative Filtering - Monday April 11, 2016, 11:00 - Aula Magna

The CloudMdsQL Multistore System*

Antonio Franchi - Decentralized Estimation and Control for Cooperative Mobile Manipulation

Making SQL Queries Correct on Incomplete Databases

Adaptive Long-term Human-Robot Interaction and Collaboration

Benjamin Bach - Visualizing Dynamic Networks and Temporal Data

TinyLFU: A Highly Efficient Cache Admission Policy

Prof. Roberto Lucchetti, Politecnico di Milano: Matching theory for kidney transplant

Master in Sicurezza delle Informazioni e Informazione Strategica - presentazione della IV edizione, A.A. 2015/16

Tracking financial trends with Yahoo users’ searching and browsing behavior

Bernard Chazelle - Communication, Renormalization, and Dynamic Networks

Making Everything Interacting: New ways of interaction in the Ubiquitous Computing Age

Marcello La Rosa - Liquid Process Model Collections

Tsvi Kuflik - Automatic Detection of Social Behavior of Museum Visitor Pairs


From finger tapping to the social brain: advanced methods for the estimation of brain activity and connectivity in humans

Machine learning models and techniques

Francesco Pasquale: Self-Stabilizing Dynamics for Distributed Consensus

Machine Reading: Goals and Approaches - David Israel (SRI)

Thoughts on Goals and Methods in Artificial Intelligence - David Israel (SRI)

Othon Michail: Foundations of Dynamic Networks - November 25th @DIAG

Evimaria Terzi: Entity Selection and Ranking for Data Mining applications

Workshop "Challenges of Big Data for Economic Modeling and Management: Tools from Efficiency Analysis, Sensitivity Analysis, Sensitivity Auditing and Physics of Complex Systems", 10-11 November 2015

Seminario: Big Crisis Data - an exciting frontier for applied computing

Sequential Posted Price Mechanisms

Green product innovation: where we are and where we are going

Seminar: Shoya Higa, "Stress distribution beneath the wheel of a lunar/planetary rover on loose soil"

Seminar: Philippe Fraisse, "Parsimonious kinematic control for highly redundant robots"

Learning about activities, spatial relations and spatial language from video

What drives collective innovation? The impact of motivations on the attraction of innovation roles in open innovation web-based platforms

Models and Algorithms for Online Crowd Systems

Challenges in Knowledge-intensive Processes: Mining for Semi-structured Information and Providing Run-time Automated Adaptation

Game (r)evolution - seminar on Tue. 16 July at 11.00 am in room B203

Real-time processing of neurophysiological signals to improve, restore and enhance human functions.

openEASE --- A Knowledge Processing Service for Robots and Robotics Researchers

Action Recognition in Streaming Videos via Incremental Active Learning

CINI - Laboratorio Nazionale Smart Cities & Communities - 1 Luglio 2015 - Aula Magna


An algorithmic approach to nonparametric online learning

Algorihtms Lunch Talks@DIAG

Design and Control of High-performance Hydraulic Quadruped and Centaur Robots

Seminar Kazuya Yoshida: Space Robots and Micro Satellites at Tohoku University

Assessing Knowledge Production in US Universities - MORE@DIAG Seminar

Modern Database Systems: Modernized Classic Systems, NewSQL and NoSQL

MORE@DIAG SEMINAR: Assessing Knowledge Production in US Universities

Challenges in 3D motion planning and control for articulated tracked robots in Urban Search & Rescue

Quali tecnologie per la promozione, uso e riuso del Patrimonio culturale

Workshop in honor of Luigia Carlucci Aiello on the occasion of her retirement "Artificial Intelligence and Robotics: The future belongs to them"

Seminar on Opportunities for studying in Hong Kong

Constantine Raftopoulos - Global Curvature and the Noising Paradox for Vertex Localization in Unknown Shapes

Corso "Gli enti locali e l'agenda digitale" - Accademia per l'Autonomia / Sapienza

Abstractions for Robots Interacting with Open Worlds

Confessions from the SLAMmer

Corso di formazione "Le gare per l'affidamento dei servizi di trasporto pubblico locale"

The Cooperative Output Regulation of Multi-agent Systems

Evidence based policy at a crossroad

Learning to learn: how far we are from the solution

Incomplete Data: What Went Wrong, and How to Fix It

inFORMIAMOCI V edizione IV appuntamento

PINKINFODAY - Un altro genere di ICT- Giornata di Orientamento "al femminile"

Modular Systems: Semantics, Logic, Algorithms, Complexity - Eugenia Ternovska (Simon Fraser Univ)

Google Workshop su Sviluppo di Applicazioni Cloud e Web

SQL's Three-Valued Logic and Certain Answers

Kolmogorov meets Turing (March 19th, Thursday, @DIAG)

Sessione Inaugurale Master di II Livello in Management del Trasporto Pubblico Locale

Workshop Efficiency, Effectiveness and Impact of Research and Innovation

Introducing SLAMBench, a performance and accuracy benchmarking methodology for SLAM

Cerimonia per i 30 anni del Dottorato Sapienza ed OpenDay pergamene

Interactive Storytelling in Videogames

Workshop on Logic in CS and AI, Dec 9, 2014, 14:20, DIAG Aula Magna

Presentazione libro di Roberto Raja

Accurately Locating and Tracking the Center of Mass in Humanoids and Humans

Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Rome Symposium (KRRR) -- Invited talk by Hector J. Levesque

euRobotics week 2014: Robots@DIAG for everyone

Towards Cancer Hybrid Automata

Robust Multiple-Sensing-Modality Data Fusion for Reliable Perception

The New Breed of Cyber Attacks

Symbiotic Autonomous Mobile Service Robots

A Cognitive Design Pattern for Collective Decisions in Distributed Systems

OpenDiag - venerdì 4 e sabato 5 aprile 2014, ore 10.00 @DIAG

Seminar MORE@DIAG - Performance Thresholds and Optimal Risk Taking

Game AI is Dead - Long Live Game AI! - change of date!

Workshop IEEE Digital Library

Perception, Planning, and Motor Control in Machines vs. Animals

SEMINAR: Prof. Alain Berthoz, "Simplexity: Simplifying principles for brains and humanoid robots", March 27 at 15:00

MORE@DIAG SEMINAR: Urban Freight Transport Policies: Joint Account of Non-linear Attribute Effects and Discrete Mixture Heterogeneity

Workshop: KNOWLEDGE, DIVERSITY AND PERFORMANCE IN EUROPEAN HIGHER EDUCATION. EVALUATION AND RANKINGS IN A CHANGING LANDSCAPE, 12 February 2014, 14:30-19:30, Sapienza University of Rome, Piazzale Aldo Moro, 5, Aula Conversi Department of Physics

MORE@DIAG: Adrian Lewis (Cornell) Identifiability, Nonconvexity, and Sparse Optimization Algorithms

Overlay Networks on a Global Scale: Performance, Quality of Service, and Ultimate Resiliency

Adaptation in Online Learning through Dimension-Free Exponentiated Gradient

SEMINAR Seth Hutchinson: A Hyperbelief Space Approach to Computing Optimal Policies for POMDPs

Seminario: Numeri immaginari: la matematica al cinema

Krzysztof Onak (IBM TJ Watson Research): Parallel Algorithms for Geometric Graph Problems

Il sistema della Protezione Civile: gestione delle crisi e delle emergenze in Italia ed all'estero

Seminars on Graph Algorithms: Alksander Mądry (EPFL) , Jakub Łącki (Univ. of Warsaw), Dariusz Leniowski (Univ. of Warsaw)

Seminar: Timothy Bretl, "Principles of Optimality in Robotics and Neuroscience", Nov 25 at 15:00

Piotr Sankowski (University of Warsaw): Algebraic Algorithms for b-Matching, Shortest Undirected Paths, and f-Factors

Il costo standard nei servizi di trasporto pubblico locale su autobus

Tracking the motion of human hands

Seminar: Prof. Leopoldo Bertossi - September, 23, 2013 at 12.00am

MORE@DIAG The Use of Article Downloads in Research Assessment

Visual SLAM: sparse, dense and inertial aided mapping

Incomplete Information, Naive Evaluation, and Homomorphism Preservation

Seminario "Certificazione della sicurezza di prodotti e sistemi ICT"

Monopoly Price Discrimination when Markets are Interdependent

MORE@DIAG Seminar, Thursday 4 July 2013, Aula Magna at 12:00 a.m.

Automata-based Static Analysis of XML Document Adaptations

MORE@DIAG Seminar: Optimization methods for large-scale linear classification

Signal Processing on Graphs

MORE@DIAG Seminary: Analyzing Imbalanced Data in Life Sciences

MORE@DIAG Seminar: Maurizio Falcone

Seminar: Paolo Robuffo Giordano, "A Framework for Nonlinear Active Estimation with Applications to Structure from Motion"

Statistical Learning Theory Meets Big Data: Randomized Algorithms for Extracting Frequent Itemsets and Association Rules

Collaborative Robotics

Applying Measurement Science to Advance the State of Response Robotics

MORE@DIAG: seminario su Canonical Duality Theory

MORE@DIAG Seminar Tuesday, 19 March 2013, 10:00 Aula Magna

MORE@DIAG seminar: Roberto Lucchetti - Using Game Theory in molecular biology

Workshop on the Microeconomics and Management of Social Enterprises

Avviso di Seminario - Ingmar Weber: Political Polarization in Web Search and on Twitter

WSDM 2013 - 6th ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining - http://wsdm2013.org

BSL - The Bloomberg Standard Library

MORE@diag Seminar: Emiliano Traversi


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