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Corso di dottorato Data Science - AI in the Wild & Knowledge Intensive NLP

Amin Mantrach (Amazon), James Thorne (KAIST)
Data dell'evento: 
Lunedì, 3 July, 2023 - 09:00 to Giovedì, 13 July, 2023 - 18:00
The Data Science PhD course on "AI in the Wild & Knowledge Intensive NLPwill be held on July 3-13 at DIAG, Via Ariosto 25, according to this program:
  • AI in the Wild: speaker Amin Mantrach (Amazon) 3-6 July
  • Knowledge Intensive NLP: speaker James Thorne (KAIST) 10-13 July
An email with schedules, rooms and link Zoom will arrive.
Following the tentative program of the course.
AI in the Wild
Day 1
Dynamic Programing
Markov Chains
Hidden Markov Models

Day 2
Information Retrieval:
        - Preprocessing
        - Vector Space model
        - Probabilistic model
        - Assessment of performance

Link Analysis:
        - Page Rank
        - HITS
        - Salsa

Day 3
Collaborative Reco:
        - Introduction
        - Latent class model and Expectation Maximisation
        - itemRank model
        - SVD decomposition
        - Non-negative matrix decomposition
        - Performance Evaluation

Day 4
Introducing the Randomised Shortest Path Framework
Knowledge Intensive NLP  
Day 1
Introduction to Knowledge-Intensive NLP Tasks
Day 2
Information Retrieval
Day 3
Knowledge Fusion Architectures
Day 4
Large-Scale Language Models and Knowledge


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