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Publication in high impact journals: an author point of view

Prof. Paulo Augusto Cauchick-Miguel
Data dell'evento: 
Giovedì, 30 January, 2020 - 15:00
Aula A5
Fabio Nonino


The object of this presentation is to share experience of publishing in the perspective of an author within the ‘publication journey’. The talk provides some tips on writing an article, choose suitable journals, convey the significance of work to editors at submission, and properly revise the manuscript. The next goal is not only to be published, but also to be read/cited.

Short Bio

Paulo Augusto Cauchick-Miguel is an Associate Professor in the Department of Production and Systems Engineering at Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) in Brazil. He holds a PhD in manufacturing engineering from The University of Birmingham, UK. He was also a former Visiting Professor at University of Aveiro and University of Minho (2019-2020), Portugal; University of Technology Sydney, Australia (2016-2017); and Guest Researcher in the National Institute of Standards and Technology - NIST, USA (2004). His industrial experience includes working as a manufacturing engineer for automotive companies in Brazil. His current research interests include product-service systems, servitization, engineering education, and research methodology in operations management.

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