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Workshop with Alan Dix on AI & HCI

Alan Dix
Data dell'evento: 
Martedì, 18 October, 2022 - 17:00
GamificationLab, Sede Sapienza "ex Vetrerie Sciarra", Via dei Volsci 122, Roma
Giuseppe De Giacomo <degiacomo@diag.uniroma1.it>

Alan Dix is visiting Emanuele Panizzi at DI. I am sure that many of you know Alan, both as researcher and for his book “Human Computer Interaction”.

Alan and Emanuele are organising a workshop on the connections between AI and HCI. I hope that everyone interested in the topic will take this as an opportunity to meet Alan. 

Details of the workshop:
Tuesday October 18th, at 5pm
Sede Sapienza "ex Vetrerie Sciarra"
Via dei Volsci 122, Roma
piano -1, lab 11

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