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Mimicking Behaviors in Separated Domains on THE JOURNAL OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE RESEARCH 2023
Compositional Safety LTL Synthesis on Verified Software. Theories, Tools and Experiments - 14th International Conference, VSTTE 2022, Trento, Italy, October 17-18, 2022 2022
Finite-Trace and Generalized-Reactivity Specifications in Temporal Synthesis on IJCAI 2021
On the Power of Automata Minimization in Temporal Synthesis on GandALF 2021 2021
On-the-fly Synthesis for LTL over Finite Traces on AAAI2021 2021
Synthesis with Mandatory Stop Actions on KR 2021 2021
LTLf Synthesis with Fairness and Stability Assumptions on The Thirty-Fourth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI 2020) 2020
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