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2022, SYMMETRY, Pages 2230- (volume: 14)

A Transcriptome- and Interactome-Based Analysis Identifies Repurposable Drugs for Human Breast Cancer Subtypes (01a Articolo in rivista)

Conte F., Sibilio P., Fiscon G., Paci P.

Breast cancer (BC) is a heterogeneous and complex disease characterized by different subtypes with distinct morphologies and clinical implications and for which new and effective treatment options are urgently demanded. The computational approaches recently developed for drug repurposing provide a very promising opportunity to offer tools that efficiently screen potential novel medical indications for various drugs that are already approved and used in clinical practice. Here, we started with disease-associated genes that were identified through a transcriptome-based analysis, which we used to predict potential repurposable drugs for various breast cancer subtypes by using an algorithm that we developed for drug repurposing called SAveRUNNER. Our findings were also in silico validated by performing a gene set enrichment analysis, which confirmed that most of the predicted repurposable drugs may have a potential treatment effect against breast cancer pathophenotypes.
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