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2023, SENSORS, Pages 5847- (volume: 23)

Wearable Technologies for Electrodermal and Cardiac Activity Measurements: A Comparison between Fitbit Sense, Empatica E4 and Shimmer GSR3+ (01a Articolo in rivista)

Ronca Vincenzo, Martinez-Levy Ana C., Vozzi Alessia, Giorgi Andrea, Aricò Pietro, Capotorto Rossella, Borghini Gianluca, Babiloni Fabio, Di Flumeri Gianluca

The capability of measuring specific neurophysiological and autonomic parameters plays a crucial role in the objective evaluation of a human’s mental and emotional states. These human aspects are commonly known in the scientific literature to be involved in a wide range of processes, such as stress and arousal. These aspects represent a relevant factor especially in real and operational environments. Neurophysiological autonomic parameters, such as Electrodermal Activity (EDA) and Photoplethysmographic data (PPG), have been usually investigated through research-graded devices, therefore resulting in a high degree of invasiveness, which could negatively interfere with the monitored user’s activity. For such a reason, in the last decade, recent consumer-grade wearable devices, usually designed for fitness-tracking purposes, are receiving increasing attention from the scientific community, and are characterized by a higher comfort, ease of use and, therefore, by a higher compatibility with daily-life environments. The present preliminary study was aimed at assessing the reliability of a consumer wearable device, i.e., the Fitbit Sense, with respect to a research-graded wearable, i.e., the Empatica E4 wristband, and a laboratory device, i.e., the Shimmer GSR3+. EDA and PPG data were collected among 12 participants while they performed multiple resting conditions. The results demonstrated that the EDA- and PPG-derived features computed through the wearable and research devices were positively and significantly correlated, while the reliability of the consumer device was significantly lower.
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