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Finocchi I., Ribichini A., Schaerf M.
Russo Paolo, Schaerf Marco
Ceccarelli Sofia, Cesta Amedeo, Cortellessa Gabriella, Benedictis Riccardo De, Fracasso Francesca, Leopardi Laura, Ligios Luca, Lombardi Ernesto, Malatesta SAVERIO GIULIO, Oddi Angelo, Pagano Alfonsina, Palombini Augusto, Romagna Gianmauro, Sanzari Marta, Schaerf Marco
Artificial Intelligence Algorithms for the Analysis of User Experience in Palazzo Braschi Museum. Eurographics Workshop on Graphics and Cultural Heritage 2023: -


Rossetti S., Zappia D., Sanzari M., Schaerf M., Pirri F.
Max Pooling with Vision Transformers Reconciles Class and Shape in Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation. Computer Vision – ECCV 2022, vol 13690. 17th European Conference, Tel Aviv, Israel, October 23–27, 2022, Proceedings, Part XXX 2022: 446-463

Demetrescu C., Finocchi I., Ribichini A., Schaerf M.
Demetrescu C., Finocchi I., Ribichini A., Schaerf M.
Which Conference Is That? A Case Study in Computer Science. ACM JOURNAL OF DATA AND INFORMATION QUALITY 2022: 1-13


Demetrescu C., Ribichini A., Schaerf M.
Demetrescu Camil, Finocchi Irene, Ribichini Andrea, Schaerf Marco


Samoilov P., Vinokursky D., Schaerf M., Mecella M.
Autonomous flight of a quadrocopter group with the use of the virtual leader strategy. Proceedings of the Young Scientist's Third International Workshop on Trends in Information Processing (YSIP3 2019) 2019: -

Demetrescu Camil, Lupia Francesco, Mendicelli Angelo, Ribichini Andrea, Scarcello Francesco, Schaerf Marco


Demetrescu Camil, Ribichini Andrea, Schaerf Marco
Di Iorio Angela, Schaerf Marco
Addressing the tacit knowledge of a digital library system. REMS 2018 Multidisciplinary Symposium on Computer Science and ICT 2018: 41-50

Lupia Francesco, Mendicelli Angelo, Ribichini Andrea, Scarcello Francesco, Schaerf Marco
DI IORIO Angela, Schaerf Marco
Mecella Massimo, Schaerf Marco, Viktoria Igorevna Drozdova, Igor Anatolievich Kalmykov
Schaerf Marco, Vinokursky Dmitry, Mecella Massimo, Samoilov Filipp
The adaptive control system of quadrocopter motion. REMS 2018 Multidisciplinary Symposium on Computer Science and ICT 2018: 105-113


Francesco Lupia, Angelo Mendicelli, Ribichini Andrea, Francesco Scarcello, Schaerf Marco
Schaerf Marco
Research assessment: A contribution to solving the publication credit allocation problem. YSIP2 Proceedings of the second young scientist’s international workshop on trends in information processing, Dombai, Russian Federation, May 16–20, 2017 2017: 16-16


DI IORIO Angela, Schaerf Marco
Lupia Francesco, Mendicelli Angelo, Ribichini Andrea, Scarcello Francesco, Schaerf Marco
Computing the shapley value in allocation problems: Approximations and bounds, with an application to the Italian VQR research assessment program. RCRA 2016 Proceedings of the 23rd RCRA international work- shop on experimental evaluation of algorithms for solving problems with combinatorial explosion, Genova, Italy, November 28, 2016 2016: 27-43

Ferrara Andrea, Liberatore Paolo, Schaerf Marco


ABU RUMMAN NADINE, SCHAERF Marco, Bechmann Dominique
Collision detection for articulated deformable characters. Proceedings of the 8th ACM SIGGRAPH Conference on Motion in Games 2015: 215-220


DI IORIO Angela, Schaerf Marco, Guercio Maria, Ortolani Silvia, Matteo Bertazzo
A Digital Infrastructure for Trustworthiness: The Sapienza Digital Library Experience. Bridging Between Cultural Heritage Institutions 2014: 59-69

DI IORIO Angela, Schaerf Marco
Identification Semantics for an Organization Establishing a Digital Library System. Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Semantic Digital Archives (SDA 2014) 2014: 16-27

DI IORIO Angela, Schaerf Marco
Providing Proof of Trustworthiness Reconstructing Digital Objects’ Custody Chain. Lecture Notes in Computer ScienceOn the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems: OTM 2014 Workshops 2014: 43-51

DI IORIO Angela, Schaerf Marco
The Organization information integration in the management of a Digital Library System. IEEE/ACM Joint Conference on Digital Libraries 2014: 461-462

Catarci Tiziana, DI IORIO Angela, Schaerf Marco
The Sapienza Digital Library from the Holistic Vision to the Actual Implementation. PROCEDIA COMPUTER SCIENCEProcedia Computer Science 2014: 4-11


DI IORIO Angela, Schaerf Marco
Applicability of digital library descriptive metadata to the contemporary artworks: The Sapienza digital library case study. Lecture Notes in Computer ScienceInformation Technologies for Performing Arts, Media Access, and Entertainment 2013: 78-89

DI IORIO Angela, Schaerf Marco, Matteo Bertazzo
Establishing a digital library in wide-ranging university's context: The Sapienza Digital Library experience. Communications in Computer and Information ScienceDigital Libraries and Archives 2013: 172-183

Liberatore Paolo, Schaerf Marco
The compilability framework. INTELLIGENZA ARTIFICIALE 2013: 31-35

Lenzerini Maurizio, Schaerf Marco


Liberatore Paolo, Schaerf Marco


Alessandro Previti, Raghuram Ramanujan, Schaerf Marco, Bart Selman
Applying UCT to Boolean Satisfiability. Theory and Applications of Satisfiability Testing - SAT 2011 2011: 373-374

Alessandro Previti, Raghuram Ramanujan, SCHAERF Marco, Bart Selman
Monte-Carlo style UCT search for boolean satisfiability. AI*IA 2011: Artificial Intelligence Around Man and Beyond 2011: 177-188

Marco Cadoli, Francesco M. Donini, Liberatore Paolo, Schaerf Marco


Liberatore Paolo, Schaerf Marco
Compilability of Propositional Abduction. ACM TRANSACTIONS ON COMPUTATIONAL LOGIC 2007: 65-83

Chirichiello Antonella, G. Salan
Encoding Process Algebraic Description of Web Services into BPEL. WEB INTELLIGENCE AND AGENT SYSTEMS 2007: 419-434

Fratarcangeli Marco, Schaerf Marco, Robert Forchheimer
Schaerf Marco
Marco Cadoli (1965-2006) - Obituary. AI COMMUNICATIONS 2007: 69-70

Model Checking and Preprocessing. Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Artificial Intelligence and Human-Oriented Computing 2007: 48-59

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