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The New Breed of Cyber Attacks

Daniele Nicita
Data dell'evento: 
Venerdì, 30 May, 2014 - 11:30
DIAG - Aula Magna
Leonardo Querzoni

Todays, organizations face an evolving threat scenario that they are ill-prepared to deal with: threats that bypass traditional security protection techniques and reside undetected within their systems. In this talk we will cover and discuss the attack life cycle and analyze different codes and malware in order to understand why and how threats are evolving.

This talk is offered as part of the ongoing collaboration between FireEye and the Cyber Intelligence and Information Security Research Center of this university

Daniele Nicita is a Security Systems Engineer at FireEye Italy with a specific focus on the defense world. Daniele has a 15-years long experience in the field of computer security and was the first italian employee at FireEye. formerly he was Security Architect for the South Europe region in Cisco and, worked for Symantec and Internet Security Systems (ISS). http://www.linkedin.com/pub/daniele-nicita/0/30b/1a6

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