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Intelligent robotic ecosystem: needs and applications related to the activity of the RIFTSI research laboratory

Prof. Hassene Seddik
Data dell'evento: 
Mercoledì, 28 June, 2023 - 13:30
Aula A5 (DIAG)


Robotics, whatever its field of deployment, whether navigating, rolling or flying, plays a very important role these days. Traditional control has shown its limits and is gradually being replaced by smart controls.

In this context the intelligent control of robots is only a means for multiple practical applications.

For this purpose, it is necessary to embed algorithms and techniques that serve these applications such as:

  • Pattern recognition
  • Face recognition
  • Secure data transmission
  • Securing stored data by encryption and watermarking
  • Intelligent image filtering

 These research applications are developed and processed by researchers in the three teams I supervise in the lab.

All the teams work together, each according to their area of expertise, to link their results to combined applications embedded in robots.

Other applications are also developed such as:

The detection of cancer foci in 3D and the prediction of its spread.

Intelligent control of a robotic arm by EMG Electromyogram.

Prediction of seizure disorders.

It is in this context that this talk is presented.


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