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DISCLOSE: A new toolbox for the EEG-based assessment of DoC patients

Promobiia Foundation
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July 2020
Non-EU Institutions
This project aims to provide a toolbox for the consistent and reliable EEG-based assessment of residual cognitive functions in patients with Disorder of Consciousness (DoC) to be potentially transferred to clinical environment. In details, quantitative measures for the diagnosis of DoC patients will be derived from brain signals as support to the clinical evaluation - such as alterations in DOC resting state networks with respect to healthy subjects - and as features of event-related potentials (ERPs) elicited by means of a hierarchical approach with an increasing cognitive load. The goal is to move towards the standardization of protocols used to elicit cognitive responses in DoCs and to make the methodologies used for the signal analysis stable and reliable, by managing the artifacts which could compromise the assessment.
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