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Broadcasting Information in Multi-hop Networks Prone to Mobile Byzantine Faults on Networked Systems. 8th International Conference, NETYS 2020, Marrakech, Morocco, June 3–5, 2020, Proceedings 2021
B-CoC: A blockchain-based chain of custody for evidences management in digital forensics on International Conference on Blockchain Economics, Security and Protocols (Tokenomics 2019) 2020
Boosting the Efficiency of Byzantine-Tolerant Reliable Communication on Stabilization, safety, and security of distributed systems 2020
Cyber-attacks and threats for healthcare - A multi-layer thread analysis on Proceedings of the Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, EMBS 2020
Synchronous byzantine lattice agreement in O(log(f)) rounds on Proceedings - International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems 2020
Building an emulation environment for cyber security analyses of complex networked systems on ACM International Conference Proceeding Series 2019
MAD: A visual analytics solution for Multi-step cyber Attacks Detection on JOURNAL OF COMPUTER LANGUAGES 2019
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