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2022, IRCDL 2022 Italian Research Conference on Digital Libraries, Pages 1-8

Storybook: a tool for the semi-automatic creation of book trailers (04b Atto di convegno in volume)

Bernasconi Eleonora, Ceriani Miguel, Mecella Massimo, De Luzi Francesca, Sapio Francesco

Multimedia storytelling is an effective and engaging method to convey information in multiple domains. Specifically, book trailers–video advertisements for books–positively influence the desire to learn and the motivation to read. This work describes the design and implementation of Storybook, a tool for the semi-automatic creation of book trailers aiming to support storytelling for digital libraries. Storybook supports an expert by gathering relevant crowd-sourced multimedia content, which, arranged as stories, can be used to showcase a book in the form of video clips. Crucially, the expert controls how the content is finally combined and edited rather than offering a fully automated process. In an early informal evaluation, experts consider the method favourably.
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