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2018, International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, Proceedings, Pages 1519-1522

Compiling questions into balanced quizzes about documents (04b Atto di convegno in volume)

Menghini C., Zufferey J. D., West R.

In the educational framework, knowledge assessment is a critical component, and quizzes (sets of questions with concise answers) are a popular tool for this purpose. This paper focuses on the generation of balanced quizzes, i.e., quizzes that relate to a given set of documents, and to the central concepts described by the documents, in an evenly distributed manner. Our approach leverages a graph representing the relationships between questions, documents, and concepts, and phrases quiz construction as a node selection problem in this graph. We provide algorithms for constructing the graph and for selecting a good set of quiz questions. In our concrete implementation, we build quizzes for a collection of Wikipedia articles and evaluate them both with simulated students and with real human quiz takers, finding that our balanced quizzes are better suited at determining which articles the user has not read (corresponding to their knowledge gaps) than reasonable baselines.
ISBN: 9781450360142
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