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2016, Social Robotics, Pages 458-468 (volume: 9979)

One-shot evaluation of the control interface of a robotic arm by non-experts (04b Atto di convegno in volume)

Marichal Sebastian, Malaisé Adrien, Modugno Valerio, Dermy Oriane, Charpillet François, Ivaldi Serena

In this paper we study the relation between the performance of use and user preferences for a robotic arm control interface. We are interested in the user preference of non-experts after a one-shot evaluation of the interfaces on a test task. We also probe into the possible relation between user performance and individual factors. After a focus group study, we choose to compare the robotic arm joystick and a graphical user interface. Then, we studied the user performance and subjective evaluation of the interfaces during an experiment with the robot arm Jaco and N = 23 healthy adults. Our preliminary results show that the user preference for a particular interface does not seem to depend on their performance in using it: for example, many users expressed their preference for the joystick while they were better performing with the graphical interface. Contrary to our expectations, this result does not seem to relate to the user’s individual factors that we evaluated, namely desire for control and negative attitude.
ISBN: 9783319474366; 978-3-319-47437-3
Gruppo di ricerca: Robotics
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