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D’Elia Daniele Cono, Invidia Lorenzo, Palmaro Federico, Querzoni Leonardo
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Angelini Marco, Blasilli Graziano, Bonomi Silvia, Lenti Simone, Palleschi Alessia, Santucci Giuseppe, Paoli Emiliano De
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Distinguished paper award. Who’s debugging the debuggers? exposing debug information bugs in optimized binaries 2021: -

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Pitolli Gregorio, Laurenza Giuseppe, Aniello Leonardo, Querzoni Leonardo, Baldoni Roberto
Laurenza Giuseppe, Lazzeretti Riccardo, Mazzotti Luca
D'Elia Daniele Cono
D'Elia D. C., Coppa E., Palmaro F., Cavallaro L.
On the Dissection of Evasive Malware. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INFORMATION FORENSICS AND SECURITY 2020: 2750-2765

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D'Elia Daniele Cono
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Petagna Emanuele, Laurenza Giuseppe, Ciccotelli Claudio, Querzoni Leonardo
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Petagna Emanuele, Laurenza Giuseppe, Ciccotelli Claudio, Querzoni Leonardo
Borzacchiello Luca, Coppa Emilio, D'Elia Daniele Cono, Demetrescu Camil
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Massarelli Luca, Di Luna Giuseppe Antonio, Petroni Fabio, Baldoni Roberto, Querzoni Leonardo
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D'Elia DANIELE CONO, Coppa Emilio, Nicchi Simone, Palmaro Federico, Cavallaro Lorenzo
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D'Elia D. C., Coppa E., Salvati A., Demetrescu C.
Static analysis of ROP code. EuroSec '19 Proceedings of the 12th European Workshop on Systems Security 2019: -

Angelini Marco, Blasilli Graziano, Borzacchiello Luca, Coppa Emilio, D'Elia Daniele Cono, Demetrescu Camil, Lenti Simone, Nicchi Simone, Santucci Giuseppe
SymNav: Visually Assisting Symbolic Execution. Proceedings of the 16th IEEE Symposium on Visualization for Cyber Security (VizSec 2019) 2019: -

Borrello P., Coppa E., D'Elia D. C., Demetrescu C.
The ROP needle: Hiding trigger-based injection vectors via code reuse. SAC '19 Proceedings of the 34th ACM/SIGAPP Symposium on Applied Computing 2019: 1962-1970

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