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The Role of Automotive Flexibility in Supporting the Diffusion of Sustainable Mobility Initiatives: A Stakeholder Attitudes Assessment (01a Articolo in rivista)

D’Adamo Idiano, Gastaldi Massimo, Piccioni Jacopo, Rosa Paolo

Even if the European Commission is acting against the climate change, greenhouse gas emissions are still increasing in the transport sector. In this scenario, the flexibility characterizing the automotive sectors could invert this negative trend. The goal of this work is identifying suitable methodologies to evaluate flexible initiatives in automotive contexts, with a specific focus on sustainable mobility and electric vehicles (EVs). The results show that stakeholders identify purchase price as a determinant in the choice to purchase an EV, while for a model toward a sustainable e-mobility transition, experts place emphasis on renewable energy production and consumers on charging stations. A flexible approach in policy choices is also suggested in order to foster a pragmatic sustainability model in which the deployment of EVs is accompanied by green and circular practices. However, such change also requires attention to be paid to the social sphere with job creation and a spread of consumer knowledge toward sustainable choices.
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