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2022, Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems (LNNS,volume 465), Pages 181-189 (volume: 465)

Source Code Anti-Plagiarism: A C# Implementation Using the Routing Approach (04b Atto di convegno in volume)

D’Amore Fabrizio, Zarfati Lorenzo

Despite the approaches proposed so far, software plagiarism is still a problem which has not been solved entirely yet. The approach introduced throughout this paper is about a source code anti-plagiarism technique which aims at rendering the source code incomprehensible to a possible plagiarist and at the same time preventing source code modifications. The proposal is based on the concept of Router and makes use of both symmetric encryption and cryptographic hashing functions to provide such guarantees.
ISBN: 978-981-19-2396-8; 978-981-19-2397-5
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