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Towards the circular economy in the fashion industry. The second-hand market as a best practice of sustainable responsibility for businesses and consumers (01a Articolo in rivista)

D'Adamo I., Lupi G., Morone P., Settembre-Blundo D.

The transition to a circular economy is a key concern for the fashion industry. The emerging second-hand market is a practice that could enable the circular economy in the fashion industry. As this is an emerging trend, the literature has not yet sufficiently explored how it is possible to simultaneously meet consumer and industry expectations in the management of second-hand garments within the value chain. This article aimed to fill that gap with the analytic hierarchy process, which demonstrated that garment collection and recycling are not necessarily best practices for the circular economy. For this to happen, close collaboration between manufacturers and retailers in the value chain is needed to move the industry towards responsibly sustainable production and consumption models. The results emphasise that harvesting management and internal competition on low-cost collection are critical business drivers, while responsible consumption and benefits are opportunities for consumers.
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