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2024, APPLIED SCIENCES, Pages - (volume: 14)

Analysis of Head Micromovements and Body Posture for Vigilance Decrement Assessment (01a Articolo in rivista)

Rossi Dario, Aricò Pietro, Di Flumeri Gianluca, Ronca Vincenzo, Giorgi Andrea, Vozzi Alessia, Capotorto Rossella, Inguscio Bianca M. S., Cartocci Giulia, Babiloni Fabio, Borghini Gianluca

Vigilance refers to the capability of humans to respond accordingly to relevant and unpre- dictable tasks and surrounding environment changes over prolonged periods of time. Identifying vigilance decrements can, therefore, have huge and vital impacts on several operational environments in which a simple slip of mind or a deficit in attention can bear life-threatening and disastrous conse- quences. Several methodologies have been proposed to assess and characterize vigilance, and the results have indicated that the sole measure of performance and self-reports are not enough to obtain reliable and real-time vigilance measure. Nowadays, monitoring head and body movements to obtain information about performance in daily activities, health conditions, and mental states has become very simple and cheap due to the miniaturization of inertial measurement units and their widespread integration into common electronic devices (e.g., smart glasses, smartwatches). The present study aimed to understand the relationship between head micromovements and body posture changes to vigilance decrease while performing the psychomotor vigilance task. The results highlighted that head micromovements can be employed to track vigilance decrement during prolonged periods of time and discriminate between conditions of high or low vigilance.
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