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CS&E Seminar Thu. 20 Jan. 2011, 12.00 Donald R. Perlis -- @ Aula A4

SPEAKER: Prof. Donald R. Perlis, Department of Computer Science, The University of Maryland.  

TIME AND LOCATION: 20 January 2010, 12.00 -- Aula A4

TITLE: Chippy's Recovery

AI has learned this: reality does not come in a nice neat bundle of well-defined entities and behaviors as in chess or blocks worlds. Yet our programs tend to be modeled on neat bundles and so encounter the brittleness problem: they break in the face of even slight deviations from anticipated circmumstances. Our work on the brittleness problem has led to a methodology we call the metacognitive loop (MCL). I will discuss various background ideas, a reformulation of the problem, and how MCL is being used to address it.

Domenico Lembo (lembo@dis.uniroma1.it), Massimo Mecella (mecella@dis.uniroma1.it) Daniele Nardi (nardi@dis.uniroma1.it)

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