Workshop in honor of Alberto Isidori

Current problems in Control Theory


A scientific workshop was held on September 24, 2012, in the Aula Magna of our Department of Computer, Control and Management Engineering Antonio Ruberti (DIAG), organized in honor of Alberto Isidori, as the recipient of the prestigious 2012 IEEE Control Systems Award and for celebrating his scientific and academic activity.

The workshop was opened by the DIAG Director, Claudio Leporelli, and by the Dean of the School of Information Engineering, Computer Science and Statistics, Luigia Carlucci Aiello, who reminded also the recent election of Alberto Isidori, Full Professor of Automatic Control, to fill the vacant seat in the Class of Physical Sciences, Category of Mathematics, Mechanics and their applications, of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei.

A few researchers, who started their careers under the guidance of Alberto Isidori, have presented in a technically plain way to an audience of more than 80 colleagues and students, some research subjects that were inspired by their work with him. At the end, Professor Isidori has provided a historical and personal overview of the evolution of research in the field of nonlinear control theory.

You can download some pictures of the event here (zipped) and the program (pdf).


Presentation slides can be downloaded as pdf files.

Maria Domenica Di Benedetto, UniversitÓ de L'Aquila
Model matching: From nonlinear to hybrid systems

Alessandro Astolfi, Imperial College London and UniversitÓ di Roma Tor Vergata
Model reduction by moment matching for nonlinear systems

Lorenzo Marconi, UniversitÓ di Bologna
Steady state and internal model principle for hybrid systems

Andrea Serrani, Ohio State University
The role of zero dynamics in aerospace systems: A case study in control of hypersonic vehicles

Claudio De Persis, University of Groningen and UniversitÓ di Roma "La Sapienza"
Detection and isolation of faults and attacks

Alberto Isidori
Lecture (mostly in Italian)