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2023, CEUR Workshop Proceedings Vol-3518, Pages -

Understanding Deep RL agent decisions: a novel interpretable approach with trainable prototypes (04b Atto di convegno in volume)

Borzillo Caterina, Ragno Alessio, Capobianco Roberto

Deep reinforcement learning (DRL) models have shown great promise in various applications, but their practical adoption in critical domains is limited due to their opaque decision-making processes. To address this challenge, explainable AI (XAI) techniques aim to enhance transparency and interpretability of black-box models. However, most current interpretable systems focus on supervised learning problems, leaving reinforcement learning relatively unexplored. This paper extends the work of PW-Net, an interpretable wrapper model for DRL agents inspired by image classification methodologies. We introduce Shared-PW-Net, an interpretable deep learning model that features a fully trainable prototype layer. Unlike PW-Net, Shared-PW-Net does not rely on pre-existing prototypes. Instead, it leverages the concept of ProtoPool to automatically learn general prototypes assigned to actions during training. Additionally, we propose a novel prototype initialization method that significantly improves the model’s performance. Through extensive experimentation, we demonstrate that our Shared-PW-Net achieves the same reward performance as existing methods without requiring human intervention. Our model’s fully trainable prototype layer, coupled with the innovative prototype initialization approach, contributes to a clearer and more interpretable decision-making process. The code for this work is publicly available for further exploration and applications.
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