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2023, Gait & Posture - Abstracts of the 23rd National Congress of SIAMOC, Pages -S17 (volume: 105)

Inter-limb muscle synergy similarity as marker of post-stroke impairment in Box & Block Test (04b Atto di convegno in volume)

Colamarino E., Pichiorri F., de Seta V., Lorusso M., Tamburella F., Mattioli L., Mileti I., Palermo E., Mattia D., Cincotti F., Toppi J.

Muscle synergy approach has been validated as powerful tool to provide insights into the impaired upper limb movement of stroke survivors. To date, no study has explored muscle synergies and their features in one of the most used clinical tests to assess motor function performance, such as the Box and Block Test (BBT). This study aims at exploring the relation between the BBT clinical outcome and an index of inter-limb muscle synergy similarity in a sample of stroke survivors.
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