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Data-Aware Declarative Process Mining with SAT (01a Articolo in rivista)

Maggi FABRIZIO MARIA, Marrella Andrea, Patrizi Fabio, Skydanienko Vasyl

Process Mining is a family of techniques for analyzing business process execution data recorded in event logs. Process models can be obtained as output of automated process discovery techniques or can be used as input of techniques for conformance checking or model enhancement. In Declarative Process Mining, process models are represented as sets of temporal constraints (instead of procedural descriptions where all control-flow details are explicitly modeled). An open research direction in Declarative Process Mining is whether multi-perspective specifications can be supported, i.e., specifications that not only describe the process behavior from the control-flow point of view, but also from other perspectives like data or time. In this paper, we address this question by considering SAT (Propositional Satisfiability Problem) as a solving technology for a number of classical problems in Declarative Process Mining, namely log generation, conformance checking and temporal query checking. To do so, we first express each problem as a suitable FO (First-Order) theory whose bounded models represent solutions to the problem, and then find a bounded model of such theory by compilation into SAT.
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