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2023, THEORETICAL COMPUTER SCIENCE, Pages 123-141 (volume: 942)

Optimal self-stabilizing mobile byzantine-tolerant regular register with bounded timestamps (01a Articolo in rivista)

Bonomi S., Del Pozzo A., Potop-Butucaru M., Tixeuil S.

This paper proposes the first implementation of a self-stabilizing regular register emulated by n servers that is tolerant to both Mobile Byzantine Agents and transient failures in a round-free synchronous model. Differently from existing Mobile Byzantine Tolerant register implementations, this paper considers a weaker model where: (i) the computation of the servers is decoupled from the movements of the Byzantine agents, i.e., movements may happen before, concurrently, or after the generation or the delivery of a message, and (ii) servers are not aware of their failure state i.e., they do not know if and when they have been corrupted by a Mobile Byzantine agent. The proposed protocol tolerates (i) any finite number of transient failures, and (ii) up to f Mobile Byzantine agents. In addition, our implementation uses bounded timestamps from the Z13 domain and it is optimal with respect to the number of servers needed to tolerate f Mobile Byzantine agents in the given model (i.e., n>6f when Δ=2δ, and n>8f when Δ=δ, where Δ represents the period at which the Byzantine agents move and δ is the upper bound on the communication latency).
Gruppo di ricerca: Distributed Systems
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