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2021, JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL ECOLOGY, Pages 1688-1706 (volume: 25)

An industrial symbiosis simulation game: Evidence from the circular sustainable business development class (01a Articolo in rivista)

Fraccascia L., Sabato A., Yazan D. M.

This study presents the industrial symbiosis (IS) business game developed in the “circular sustainable business development” (CSBD) class at the University of Twente. The game was designed by the instructors to allow students to experience the strategic business dynamics of IS. Spreading knowledge regarding IS dynamics is fundamental for fostering circular business development and equipping students, “the managers of tomorrow,” with the skills of circular economic thinking. In this paper, the rules of the IS business game are presented along with the game settings. Further, the results of the gameplay are presented and discussed from a dual perspective, that is, through the theoretical lenses provided by the IS literature and the intended learning outcomes. Overall, we aim to spread this experience and the related results to promote teaching activities focused on IS.
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