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2019, Proceedings of the 27th Italian Symposium on Advanced Database Systems, Pages - (volume: 2400)

Reverse engineering of data services (04b Atto di convegno in volume)

Cima G., Lenzerini M., Poggi A.

We study the problem of designing reverse engineering techniques for associating semantic descriptions to existing data services. We base our proposal on the Ontology-Based Data Access paradigm, where a domain ontology is used to provide a semantic layer mapped to the data sources of an organization. The basic idea is to perform the reverse engineering of a data service, expressed a query over the data sources, by deriving a query over the ontology that explains the semantics of the data service in terms of the element of the ontology. We illustrate a formal framework for this problem, based on the notion of source-to-ontology rewriting, which comes in three variants, called sound, complete and perfect, respectively. We present a thorough complexity analysis of two computational problems, namely verification (checking whether a query is a source-to-ontology rewriting of a given data service), and computation (computing a source-to-ontology rewriting of a data service).
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