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Title autore advisor
Advances in Large Scale Unconstrained Optimization: Novel Preconditioning Strategies for Nonlinear Conjugate Gradient Methods and New Developments in Newton-Krylov Methods Andrea CALICIOTTI Massimo ROMA
Analysis and Modeling of the EEG Activity and Connectivity in Post-Stroke Conditions Stefano CASCHERA Laura ASTOLFI
Bi-criteria Network Optimization: Problems and Algorithms Lavinia AMOROSI Paolo DELL’OMO
Nonlinear and Sampled Data Control with Application to Power Systems Marwa HASSAN Salvatore MONACO
Nonlinear Multi-Agent Control with Application to Networked Systems Lorenzo RICCIARDI CELSI Salvatore MONACO and Dorothee N ´ ORMAND-CYROT
Numerical Solutions for Design and Dynamic Control of Compliant Robots Gabriele BUONDONNO Alessandro DE LUCA
SDN Workload Balancing and QoE Control in Next Generation Network Infrastructures Federico CIMORELLI Francesco DELLI PRISCOLI
Stabilisation of Cascaded Nonlinear Systems Under Sampling and Delays Doctor Europaeus, double degree with Universite Paris-Saclay ´ Mattia MATTIONI Salvatore MONACO and Dorothee N ´ ORMAND-CYROT
Statistical Causality in the EEG for the Study of Cognitive Functions in Healthy and Pathological Brains Alessandra ANZOLIN Laura ASTOLFI
Strat´egies de Commande Distribu´ee pour l’Optimisation de la Production des Fermes Eoliennes Nicolo GIONFRA` Salvatore MONACO
Two Essays in Computational Optimization: Computing the Clar Number in Fullerene Graphs and Distributing the Errors in Iterative Interior Point Methods Maryam SALAMI Giovanni RINALDI

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