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Talking Hands: a wearable device for gesture recognition

Dario Corona
Data dell'evento: 
Tuesday, 12 April, 2022 - 14:00
DIAG, Aula A5


Abstract: Talking Hands is a medical assistive wearable device able to translate hand gestures into words in real-time, targeted at patients suffering from impairment in verbal communication.
It is constituted by a data-glove and a mobile application that can understand hundreds of different gestures: the glove acquires data from sensors, processes them and sends the information to the smartphone via a Bluetooth connection, where the gesture recognition algorithm is performed, powered by machine learning techniques.
Talking Hands is the result of a five-year research that involved engineering, mathematics, computer science and design.
This seminar presents it from an engineering perspective and with an overview of its recognition algorithm.

Biosketch: Dario Corona is a researcher (RTD-A) in Mathematics at the University of Camerino.
In 2015 he founded Limix Srl, a research spin-off of the University of Camerino that is developing a gesture recognition wearable device.
He obtained his PhD in 2018 with a thesis on optimal control theory and nowadays he is mainly working on mathematical analysis.

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