September 30 - October 4, 2007
University Residential Center
Bertinoro (Forlì-Cesena), Italy


Information integration has been a key problem in both the theory and the practice of data management. Although there have been many advances in particular aspects of information integration (such as recent advances in the study of schema mappings and data exchange), the main challenges of information integration continue to confront both academic researchers and practitioners.

The aim of this workshop wss to bring together a small group of selected participants who will interact in a “discussion-oriented” format and attempt to formulate an agenda to tackle some of the challenges of information integration. In particular, one of the goals is to single out open problems and issues, and to address the gap between academic research and the practice of information integration. Technical topics discussed during the workshop include: methodology and tools (benchmarks and testbeds) for comparing different information integration systems; privacy, and  provenance; uncertainty and imprecision; peer data management systems; ETL and data warehousing. We also discussed the factors (e.g., choice of problems to emphasize) that have inhibited technology transition to products, and we will look at enablers and new challenges from the Internet space, e.g., compare our area with "low tech" integration such as mash-ups. The slides of all presentations of the workshop are accessible in the Program section of this web site. A workshop report is expected to be produced in the next weeks.

A nice comment on the workshop was posted by Guido Vetere in his blog hosted by the Italian newspaper "ilsole24ore"  (see the English translation).

Some fellowships were available under the BiCi Leonardo Melandri Program. (see registration).