The Sapienza Università di Roma organizes the global offer of all its academic programs into a yearly general Manifesto. This document rules also the administrative policies concerning students wishing to enroll in undegraduate and graduate courses. Each course of study has its own specific Manifesto.

The Manifesto of the Master of Science in Control Engineering for the most recent academic year is available on the new web site of Sapienza (updated in early July of every year). In order to access to this information also for previous academic years, follow the links on the sidebar.

In particular, the Sapienza web site contains the following information (at present, mainly in Italian):

  • all "Courses" of the first and second year of the master, arranged by semester, with their objectives (see also the list of all courses in this web site)
  • groups of courses from which the student can choose courses up to a given number of credits
  • final objectives and career opportunities of this course of study
  • organization of this course of study (see also the curriculum page in this web site)
  • under the menu "Attendance", those course that are actually offered in the current academic year, with a sketch of their programs, reference texts, and name of the instructor(s) responsible for the course (see also the list of all instructors in this web site)

Note: The actual offer of courses in each year follows the indications of the original Manifesto. For instance, courses that are present for the first time at the second year in the Manifesto of the current academic year will be lectured only starting from the next year. Similarly, if a change of semester has been made for courses offered in the second year of the current Manifesto, this change will be usually implemented only from the next academic year. For the latest schedule of each course, as well as for its actual semester of delivery, please consult directly the course schedule section of this web site.

The offer of courses may vary from year to year. However, Sapienza guarantees that each student can take all courses that were available in the Manifesto of the academic year of his/her first enrollment.

Pdf versions of the published Manifesto of the Master of Science in Control Engineering of current and previous academic years are available for download below (as taken from the Sapienza GOMP system)