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9th DIMACS Implementation Challenge - Shortest Paths


This page lists some of the papers contributed by Challenge Participants and accepted for presentation at the Challenge Workshop:

Breadth first search on massive graphs
Deepak Ajwani, Roman Dementiev, Ulrich Meyer, and Vitaly Osipov
Download pdf [172 KB]
Parallel Shortest Path Algorithms for Solving Large-Scale Instances
Kamesh Madduri, David Bader, Jonathan W. Berry, and Joseph R. Crobak
Download pdf [864 KB]
Implementations of Routing Algorithms for Transportation Networks
Chris Barrett, Keith Bissett, Martin Holzer, Goran Konjevod, Madhav Marathe, and Dorothea Wagner
Download pdf [1.2 MB]
Better Landmarks within Reach
Andrew V. Goldberg, Haim Kaplan, and Renato F. Werneck
Download pdf [344 KB]
High-Performance Multi-Level Graphs
Daniel Delling, Martin Holzer, Kirill Muller, Frank Schulz, and Dorothea Wagner
Download pdf [1 MB]
Highway Hierarchies Star
Daniel Delling, Peter Sanders, Dominik Schultes, and Dorothea Wagner
Download pdf [884 KB]
Single-Source Shortest Paths with the Parallel Boost Graph Library
Nick Edmonds, Alex Breuer, Douglas Gregor, and Andrew Lumsdaine
Download pdf [456 KB]
Fast Point-to-Point Shortest Path Computations with Arc-Flags
Ekkehard Köhler, Rolf H. Möhring, and Heiko Schilling
Download pdf [1.8 MB]
Implementations and Empirical Comparison of K Shortest Loopless Path Algorithms
Marta M. B. Pascoal
Download pdf [232 KB]
K Shortest Path Algorithms
José L. Santos
Download pdf [140 KB]
An Experimental Evaluation of Point-To-Point Shortest Path Calculation on Roadnetworks with Precalculated Edge-Flags
Ulrich Lauther
Download pdf [888 KB]
Robust, Almost Constant Time Shortest-Path Queries in Road Networks
Peter Sanders and Dominik Schultes
Download pdf [888 KB]

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