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Pure-Past Linear Temporal and Dynamic Logic on Finite Traces on International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence 2020
Acquiring Ontology Axioms through Mappings to Data Sources on FUTURE INTERNET 2019
Automatic Business Process Model Extension to Repair Constraint Violations on Service-Oriented Computing 2019
Foundations for Restraining Bolts: Reinforcement Learning with LTLf/LDLf Restraining Specifications on Proceedings of the Twenty-Ninth International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling 2019
Hybrid temporal situation calculus on SAC '19: Proceedings of the 34th ACM/SIGAPP Symposium on Applied Computing 2019
Hybrid Temporal Situation Calculus on Advances in Artificial Intelligence 2019
Non-terminating processes in the situation calculus on ANNALS OF MATHEMATICS AND OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 2019

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