Academic year 2016/2017 (27/2 - 26/5)

Class time and location available here

NOTE: the course will start on Monday, 27 February 2017

Instructor: Marilena Vendittelli

e-mail: marilena.vendittelli [at] uniroma1 [dot] it 

Office hours:  contact me to arrange an appointment

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Goal of the course: to give an overview of the use of robotic technologies in the medical context, with special emphasis on robotic assisted surgery.

Exams: The exam consists in the preparation of a project in groups of three students or, in alternative,  in a written exam and an oral discussion. The project usually requires programming work.

Exams dates are available here and in INFOSTUD

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Course material (updated during the course)

  course organization; introduction to surgical robotics

  classification of surgical systems

control modalities

virtual fixtures

teleoperation I

  teleoperation II

   DLR surgical system 

the da Vinci surgical system

  kinematic design

  task control with RCM constraint

kinematic design: examples

robot registration


  medical image analysis I

medical image analysis II

  joint lecture with Robotics 2 on visual servoing (slides dowloadable from the Robtics 2 course web page)

  application of visual servoing to surgical robotics

  Exoskeletons: introductory concepts and applications

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