Sapienza UniversitÓ di Roma

Master of Science in Engineering in Computer Science


Elective in Software and Services

Section Information Visualization

Numbers of credit : 3




prof. Giuseppe Santucci

This is the web page of the section "Information Visualization" of the course Elective in Software and Services (Complementi di software e servizi per la societÓ dell'informazione).

The Italian name of this course is Complementi di software e servizi per la societÓ dell'informazione.


The main goal of information visualization is to reveal the structure, extract meaning, and navigate large and abstract data sets (vs. scientific data visualization, cartography, and computer graphics, not addressed in this course), using interactive computer based representations that utilize the powerful processing capabilities of the human eyes. The increasing interest about information visualization has lead to the development of many interesting and effective ideas about how to visualize abstract information. This course will present a comprehensive survey of existing approaches, focusing on how to present information clearly and effectively; moreover, it will analyze the factors that contribute to success or lack, allowing to evaluate a given visualization and to devise future successful visualizations.


The lectures of this section will be in the second semester within the HCI course

Advices, schedule, and lecture notes available on (Infovis part)

The exam of the 2014/2015 course consists of one homework assignment