Robot Programming

Section of Elective in Artificial Intelligence (Complementi di Intelligenza Artificiale)

Master Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (Laurea Magistrale in Intelligenza Artificiale e Robotica)

A.A. 2014/2015, 3 Credits, Semester I

Prof. Daniele Nardi

Robot programming requires a deep knowledge of the programming techniques and the programming language chosen for software development. In addition, the software for robotic applications is often built by means of specialized development tools. The goal of the course is to discuss a case study, in order to provide a systematic approach to robot programming. Specifically, robot programming is addressed using C++ as basic programming language, ROS and NAO SDK as development frameworks. The target robotic platforms are a simple wheeled robot , that will be built during the class and the NAO humanoid robot. The course addresses examples of programming tasks in Perception, Localization and Navigation and Mapping, Actions and Plan execution, Human Robot Interaction.

The course will rely on the technical support of the members of the RoCoCo lab. If you wish to get started earlier you can start looking at the RoCoCo wiki and start playing with the software tools.

Classes are Tuesday 15:45-19:00, starting September 30th, Room A5

Notice the Room Change!!!

Plan of the Lectures

Homeworks (see class notes)

The exam requirements are the homeworks OR a project. The student can choose to do the exams either with NAO, B-Human framework OR with the robot MARRtino and the ROS framework.