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Ground Truth Acquisition System for NAO Soccer Robots (GNAO) is an open source software for monitoring humanoid soccer robot behaviours. The software is part of an easy to set up system conceived for registering ground truth data that can be used for evaluating and testing methods such as robot coordination and localization. The hardware architecture of the system is designed for using multiple low-cost visual sensors (four Kinects). The software includes a foreground computation module and a detection unit for both players and ball. A graphical user interface has been developed in order to facilitate the creation of a shared multi-camera plan view, in which the observations of players and ball are re-projected to perform the tracking task. The effectiveness of the implemented system has been proved using a laser sensor to measure the exact position of the objects of interest in the field.

If you make use of the GNAO data, please cite the following reference in any publications:

Andrea Pennisi, Domenico D. Bloisi, Luca Iocchi, and Daniele Nardi, Ground Truth
Acquisition of Humanoid Soccer Robot Behaviour
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GNAO has been developed for improving and testing method used by SPQR NAO soccer robot team. Domenico Bloisi: at the RoCoCoLab