Paolo Fantozzi

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Contact and personal infos: Advisor:  Umberto Nanni
Research Area:
Information Retrieval and Knowledge Management, Algorithm Design and Engineering
Text Mining, Information Retrieval, Knowledge management

Title Autor(s) Published in Year
1Visual Analysis of vertex-disjoint path connectivity in networksPaolo Fantozzi, Luigi Laura, Umberto Nanni, Marco TemperiniIV2018: AGT - International Symposium on Applications of Graph Theory2018
2Learning Analytics in Competitive Programming Training SystemsWilliam Di Luigi, Paolo Fantozzi, Luigi Laura, Gemma Martini, Edoardo Morassutto, Dario Ostuni, Giorgio Piccardo, Luca Versari2018 22nd International Conference Information Visualisation (IV)2018
3Weighted-Distance Sliding Windows and Cooccurrence Graphs for Supporting Entity-Relationship Discovery in Unstructured TextPaolo Fantozzi, Luigi Laura, Umberto NanniInternational Journal of Computer, Electrical, Automation, Control and Information Engineering2018