Complete nameProfile Link TutorResearch Area
34 cycle
arrowSimone Agostinelli  Personal page Massimo MecellaBusiness Process Management
arrowEdoardo Alati  Personal page
arrowGraziano Blasilli  Personal page Giuseppe SantucciVisual Analytics
arrowLuca Borzacchiello  Personal page Camil DemetrescuCybersecurity
arrowLorenzo Brigato  Personal page
arrowCarlos Carbone  Personal page
arrowStefano Carn  Personal page
arrowJim Martin Catacora Ocana  Personal page
arrowJesus Fernando Cevallos Moreno  Personal page
arrowPaolo Fantozzi  Personal page Umberto NanniInformation Retrieval and Knowledge Management, Algorithm Design and Engineering
arrowMarco Favorito  Personal page
arrowMulham Fawakherji  Personal page
arrowLauren Stacey Ferro  Personal page Massimo Mecella
arrowDaniele Filoscia  Personal page
arrowManuel Namici  Personal page Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Representation
arrowSimone Nicchi  Personal page Camil DemetrescuCybersecurity
33 cycle
arrowIrvin Aloise  Personal page Giorgio GrisettiMobile Robotics, Computer Vision
arrowMirco Colosi  Personal page Giorgio GrisettiLife Long SLAM, Mobile Robotics, Calibration
arrowStefano Conoci  Personal page Bruno CicianiHigh Performance Computing, Energy-Efficient Computing
arrowFederico Croce  Personal page Maurizio LenzeriniArtificial Intelligence and Knowledge Representation, Data Management.
arrowAntonio D'Innocente  Personal page Barbara CaputoVisual Learning
arrowGiovanni Farina  Personal page Silvia BonomiDistributed Systems
arrowMichele Gentili  Personal page Stefano LeonardiNetwork Medicine. Machine Learning.
arrowAndrea Gigli  Personal page Barbara CaputoMachine Learning
arrowSimone Lenti  Personal page Giuseppe SantucciVisual Analytics
arrowLuca Massarelli  Personal page Roberto BaldoniCybersecurity
arrowCristina Menghini  Personal page Data Science
arrowMarina Morelli  Personal page Antonella PoggiArtificial Intelligence and Knowledge Representation
arrowStefano Piersanti  Personal page Aris AnagnostopoulosData mining - Machine learning
arrowFrancesco Sapio  Personal page
arrowFederico Maria Scafoglieri  Personal page Domenico LemboArtificial Intelligence & Knowledge Representation
arrowEmiliano Silvestri  Personal page Francesco QuagliaHigh Performance Computing
32 cycle
arrowDario Albani  Personal page Daniele NardiSwarm robotics and multi-agent systems
arrowGianluca Cima  Personal page Maurizio LenzeriniKnowledge Representation and Reasoning; Artificial Intelligence; Data Management.
arrowBartolomeo Della Corte  Personal page Giorgio GrisettiSLAM, Mapping, Calibration
arrowPaola Ferrarelli  Personal page Luca IocchiEducational Robotics
arrowValentina Gregori  Personal page Barbara CaputoMachine Learning
arrowGiuseppe Laurenza  Personal page Roberto BaldoniMalware Analysis
arrowMassimiliano Mancini  Personal page Barbara CaputoDeep Learning, Domain Adaptation, Incremental Learning
arrowRomolo Marotta  Personal page Francesco QuagliaHigh-Performance Computing
arrowNizar Massouh  Personal page Luca IocchiMachine Learning - Computer Vision - Deep Neural Networks
arrowFrancesco Puja  Personal page Fiora PirriArtificial Intelligence, Cognitive Architecture, Knowledge Representation, Planning
arrowPaolo Russo  Personal page Barbara Caputo Deep Learning, Machine Learning,, Computer Vision
arrowFilipp Samoilov  Personal page Massimo MecellaRobotics, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
arrowDominik Schlegel  Personal page Giorgio GrisettiSLAM
arrowMahmoud Sharf  Personal page Tiziana CatarciHuman Computer Interaction
arrowLun Wang  Personal page Daniele NardiHuman Robot Interaction

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