History of the PhD Program

The PhD program in Engineering in Computer Science (formely PhD in Computing Science and Engineering), in Italian "Dottorato di Ricerca in Ingegneria Informatica", has been established in 1984 at the Dipartimento di Informatica e Sistemistica  "Antonio Ruberti". From 1984 to 1995 the program was carried out jointly with the Dipartimento di Informatica from the same University. The board  of lecturers is currently formed by around 30  internationally renowned researchers, and is currently chaired by Prof. Daniele Nardi. Previous chairs were Prof. Luigia Carlucci Aiello (from 1990 to 1995), Prof. Giorgio Ausiello (from 1996 to 2002), Prof. Maurizio Lenzerini (from 2002 to 2008), Prof. Roberto Baldoni (from 2008 to 2011), Prof. Giuseppe De Giacomo (from 2011 to 2014).

During its history, the scientific research carried out by the students of  the PhD program has been internationally recognized, as testified by the number of high quality publications and awards took by the students worldwide.  Together with the high relevance of the scientific and innovation activities, the PhD program has continuously had an important educational offer delivered by most prominent researchers in different areas of Computer Science. Since its establishment, more than two hundreds students got the PhD and  most of them became Faculties in Universities worldwide,  Senior Researchers in important Research Centers and Managers in Private Companies.  This is a measure of the success of our PhD program.