Scientific Writing Workshop

Professors:Rishelle Wimmer

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Scientific Writing Workshop

by Rishelle Wimmer

senior Lecturer

Fachhochschule Salzburg GmbH

Salzburg University of Applied Sciences


April 19th to April 21st 2017 - DIAG via Ariosto, 25


La facoltà I3S è lieta di invitare studenti e dottorandi al “Scientific Writing workshop” che si terrà dal 19 al 21 aprile presso il DIAG via Ariosto, 25.

Il workshop prevede tre incontri secondo il seguente calendario:


19 Aprile h10.00-12.00 room A7

20 Aprile h.17.30-19.00 room A7

21 Aprile h.12.30-14.00 room A6


La partecipazione è gratuita ma in considerazione del numero limitato di posti si richiede la prenotazione inviando un’email a



The three-day Scientific Writing Workshop provides training in documenting scientific research in English. The workshop addresses three important aspects of scientific writing – telling the research story, structural organization and writing style. Methods are introduced for documenting scientific research in a coherent, logical, and readable manner.


The first session focuses on defining the research objective and its scientific relevance, by using well-developed thesis statements, research questions and hypotheses. It explains how to present methods, results and discussions in engaging prose.

The second session examines the basic components of English language writing – sentence, paragraph and argument structures. A set of practical exercises for editing and revising texts are provided.

The third session provides instruction for writing an abstract, introduction, thesis and scientific article. In addition participants may bring writing samples for review.