Machine Learning

Professors:Luca Iocchi

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The objectives of this course are to present a wide spectrum of Machine Learning methods and algorithms, discuss their properties, convergence criteria and applicability. The course will also present many examples of successful application of Machine Learning algorithms in different application scenarios.

The main outcome of the course is the capability of the students of solving a learning problem, by a proper formulation of the problem, a proper choice of the algorithm suitable to solve the problem and the execution of experimental analysis to evaluate the results obtained.


  1. Introduction to Machine Learning
  2. Inductive Learning
  3. Decision Trees
  4. Evaluation of hypotheses.
  5. Classification with linear models
  6. Bayesian Learning
  7. Unsupervised Learning and clustering
  8. Support Vector Machines
  9. Neural networks
  10. Genetic algorithms
  11. Reinforcement Learning
  12. Boosting
  13. Multi-agent learning
  14. Data discovery e data mining
  15. Robot Learning