Great Ideas in Computer Science & Engineering

Professors:Leonardo Querzoni with Domenico Lembo, Antonella Poggi, Fabio Patrizi, Giorgio Grisetti, Andrea Vitaletti

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Title: Great Ideas in Computer Science & Engineering (2013)


Abstract: Once every few years the computer science community is shacked by some results that fundamentally impact several core topics. These results often have strong consequence on real systems, and thus, finally, impact our everyday life as well. This course has the goal of introducing the attendees to five breakthroughs, representative of different areas, showing the practical impact they had on computer science as it is today.




Sparse Least Squares on Manifolds

Lecturer: Giorgio Grisetti

Schedule: 19/6/2013 9:30-12:45 - room A7


System Verification via Symbolic Model Checking

Lecturer: Fabio Patrizi

Schedule: 21/6/2013 9:30-12:45 - room A7


The CAP theorem and the design of large scale distributed systems

Lecturer: Silvia Bonomi and Leonardo Querzoni

Schedule: 24/6/2013 9:30-12:45 - room A7


Wireless Sensor Networks: from theory to practice ... and back again

Lecturer: Andrea Vitaletti

Schedule: 26/6/2013 9:30-12:45 - room A7


Conceptual modeling: ER and beyond

Lecturer: Domenico Lembo and Antonella Poggi

Schedule: 27/6/2013 9:30-12:45 - room A7


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