Great Ideas in ICT

Professors:Leonardo Querzoni, et alt.

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Once every few years the information and communication technology community is shaken by some results that fundamentally impact several core topics. These results often have strong consequence on real systems, and thus, finally, impact our everyday life as well. This course has the goal of introducing the attendees to several breakthroughs, representative of different areas, showing the practical impact they had on ICT as it is today. Lectures will be delivered by professors and researchers from the department of computer science (DI), the department of computer, control, and management engineering Antonio Ruberti (DIAG) and the department of Information, communication and electronic engineering (DIET).
Schedule: June-July 2015
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Note: students of the 30th cycle have to attend at least  6 seminars to get 3 CFU. Students of the other cycles have to attend at least 5 seminars to get 2.5 CFU. For CFU of type B each student has to pass a final exam according to the rules of the course.