Educational Offer - Year 2018/2019

NameCreditsProfessorsLinkType of Exam
Achieving Business Process Intelligence through Process Mining -- State of the Art and Recent Research Advances3Fabrizio Maria Maggi (University of Tartu, Estonia), Andrea Marrella (Sapienza, University of Rome)External Link B
Algorithms and computational models for large-scale data analysis3Silvio Lattanzi (Google), Fabrizio Silvestri (Facebook) External Link B
Algorithmic bias, fairness and ethics in machine learning systems3Carlos Castillo (UPF), Francesco Bonchi (ISI Torino and Eurecat Barcelona), Vassilis Gkatzelis (Drexel University), Fedor Sandomirskiy (St. Petersburg School of Management), Chris Schwiegelshohn (Sapienza)External Link B
Cryptographic primitives for blockchain and the security of cloud-based systems 3Silvio Micali (MIT), Giuseppe Persiano (Salerno), Daniele Venturi (Sapienza), Angelo Spognardi (Sapienza) External Link B

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