Luca Filipponi

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1Privacy support in people-centric sensing Luca Becchetti, Luca Filipponi, Andrea Vitaletti. ournal of communications: Special Issue on Se- curity and Privacy in Communication Systems and Networks, Academy publisher2012
2A Lightweight Privacy Preserving SMS-based Recommendation System for Mobile Users (Journal Version)Luca Becchetti, Lorenzo Bergamini, Ugo Colesanti, Luca Filipponi, Giuseppe Persiano,Andrea Vitaletti Knowledge and Information Systems (KAIS) Journal. Springer 2012
3Smart City: an Event Driven Architecture for Monitoring Public Spaces with Heterogeneous Sensors.L.Filipponi, A.Vitaletti, G.Landi,V.Memeo,P.Pucci,G.LauraSENSORCOMM 20102010
4A lightweight privacy preserving SMS-based recommendation system for mobile usersE.Baglioni,L. Becchetti,L. Bergamini, U. Colesanti, L.Filipponi, G.Persiano, A.VitalettiRecSys 20102010
5Opportunistic privacy preserving environmental monitoringL.Becchetti,L.Filipponi,A.VitalettiPhoneSense 20102010
6Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Networks for Noise Pollution MonitoringL.Filipponi, S.Santini, A.VitalettiDCOSS 20082008