Fabio Patrizi

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Title Autor(s) Published in Year
1Automatic Verification of Data-Centric Business Processes.Deutsch, A. Hull, R., Patrizi, F. Vianu, V.ICDT '092009
2Composition of Services that Share an Infinite-State Blackboard (Extended Abstract)Patrizi, F. and De Giacomo, GIIWEB'09 (to appear)2009
3An Introduction to Simulation-based Techniques for Automated Service CompositionFabio Patrizi4th European Young Researchers Workshop on Service Oriented Computing (YR-SOC'09)2009
4Automatic Service Composition and Synthesis: the Roman Model.Calvanese, D., De Giacomo, G., Lenzerini, M., Mecella, M., Patrizi, F.IEEE Data Eng. Bull. 31(3): 18-222008
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7Behavior Composition in the Presence of FailureSardiña, S., Patrizi, F., De Giacomo, G.KR '082008
8SWSCE - An Automatic Semantic Web Service Composition Engine.Bonomi, S., Colaianni, V., Patrizi, F., Pozzi, D., Russo, R., Mecella, M.ESTEEM '082008
9Automatic Synthesis of a Global Behavior from Multiple Distributed BehaviorsGiuseppe De Giacomo, Fabio Patrizi, Sebastian SardinaAAAI 072007
10Automatic Workflows Composition of Mobile ServicesGiuseppe De Giacomo, Massimiliano de Leoni, Massimo Mecella, Fabio PatriziICWS '072007
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