Massimiliano de Leoni

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Postdoctoral fellow, Eindhoven - University of Technology

Title Autor(s) Published in Year
1On-line Adaptation of Sequential Mobile Processes Running ConcurrentlyM. de Leoni, G. De Giacomo, Y. Lesperance, M. MecellaThe 24th Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC'09)2009
2Designing Mobile Systems in Highly Dynamic Scenarios. The WORKPAD Methodology.S. R. Humayoun, T. Catarci, M. de Leoni, A. Marrella, M. Mecella, M. Bortenschlager, R. SteinmannSpringer journal on Knowledge, Technology & Policy (to be published)2009
3A Bayesian Approach for Disconnection Management in Mobile Ad-hoc Network (Extended version)M. de Leoni, S. R. Humayoun, M. Mecella, R. Russo"Ubiquitous Computing and Communication" Journal (to Appear)2008
4Pervasive and Peer-to-Peer Software Environments for Supporting Disaster ResponsesT. Catarci, M. de Leoni, A. Marrella, M. Mecella, G. Vetere, S. Dustdar et alt."Internet Computing" IEEE Journal – Special Issue on Crisis Management - January2008
5Mobile Ad hoc Networks for Collaborative and Mission-critical Mobile Scenarios: a Practical StudyGianluca Bertelli, Massimiliano de Leoni, Massimo Mecella, Justin DeanThe 6th IEEE International Workshop on Distributed and Mobile Collaboration (DMC 2008) at WETICE '082008
6Coordinating Mobile Actors in Pervasive and Mobile Scenarios: an AI-based ApproachM. de Leoni, A. Marrella, M. Mecella, S. Valentini, Sebastian SardinaThe 2nd IEEE Workshop on Coordination Models and Applications: Knowledge in Pervasive Environments @ WETICE'082008
7Visual Support for Work Assignment in Process-Aware Information SystemsM. de Leoni, W. van der Aalst, A. ter HofstedeThe 4th International Conference on Business Process Management (BPM 2008)2008
8ROME4EU: a Web Service-based Process-aware System for Smart Devices.Daniele Battista, Massimiliano de Leoni, Alessio De Gaetanis, Massimo Mecella, Alessandro Pezzullo, Alessandro Russo, Costantino SaponaroThe 6th International Conference on Service Oriented Computing (ICSOC'08) - Demo Session2008
9Emergency Management: from User Requirements to a Flexible P2P ArchitectureMassimiliano de Leoni, Fabio De Rosa, Andrea Marrella, Massimo Mecella, Antonella Poggi, Alenka Krek, Francesco MantiThe 4th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management2007
10A Bayesian Approach for Disconnection ManagementMassimiliano de Leoni, Massimo Mecella, Ruggero RussoThe IEEE Workshop on Interdisciplinary Aspects of Coordination Applied to Pervasive Environments: Models and Applications (@ WETICE 2007)2007
11Emulating Mobile Ad-hoc Networks of Hand-held Devices. The OCTOPUS Virtual EnvironmentFabio D'Aprano, Massimiliano de Leoni, Massimo MecellaThe ACM MobiEval Workshop on System Evaluation for Mobile Platforms (co-located with Mobisys)2007
12Automatic Workflows Composition of Mobile ServicesGiuseppe De Giacomo, Massimiliano de Leoni, Massimo Mecella, Fabio PatriziIEEE 2007 International Conference on Web Services (ICWS)2007
13Highly Dynamic Adaptation in Process Management Systems through Execution MonitoringMassimiliano de Leoni, Massimo Mecella, Giuseppe De Giacomo5th International Conference on Business Process Management (BPM 2007)2007
14The WORKPAD P2P Service-Oriented Infrastracture for Emergency ManagementT. Catarci, M. de Leoni, F. De Rosa, M. Mecella, A. Poggi, S. Dustdar, L. Juszczyk, H.L. Truong, G. VetereThe 3rd IEEE International Workshop on Collaborative Service-Oriented P2P System (COPS) at WETICE 20072007
15Resource Disconnection Management in MANET Driven by Process Time PlanMassimiliano de Leoni, Fabio De Rosa, Shahram Dustdar, Massimo Mecella,The First ACM International Conference on Autonomic Computing and Communication Systems (AUTOMICS '07)2007
16MOBIDIS: A Pervasive Architecture for Emergency ManagementMassimiliano de Leoni, Fabio De Rosa, Massimo Mecella4th International IEEE Workshop on Distributed and Mobile Collaboration (DMC) 2006
17WORKPAD: 2-Layered Peer-to-Peer for Emergency Management through Adaptive ProcessesTiziana Catarci, Fabio De Rosa, Massimiliano de Leoni, Massimo Mecella, Michele Angelaccio, Schahram Dustdar, Begoña Gonzalvez, Giuseppe Iiritano, Alenka Krek, Guido Vetere, Zdenek M. ZalisThe 2nd International IEEE Conference on Collaborative Computing: Networking, Applications and Worksharing2006