Antonella Chirichiello

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Fulbright-BEST Fellow 2009-2010, Santa Clara University, CA

Title Autor(s) Published in Year
1Encoding Process Algebraic Descriptions of Web Services into BPELAntonella Chirichiello, Gwen SalaünWeb Intelligence And Agent Systems: An International Journal2007
2Formal Development of Web ServicesAntonella Chirichiello, Gwen SalaünProceedigs of the 4th International Workshop on AI for Service Composition, held in conjunction with ECAI'06, Riva Del Garda (Trento)2006
3Encoding Abstract Descriptions into Executable Web Services: Towards a Formal DevelopmentAntonella Chirichiello, Gwen SalaünWI'05, IEEE Computer Society Press, September 2005, Compiègne (DIS Technical Report 08-2005)2005
4Negotiation among Web Services using LOTOS/CADPGwen Salaün, Andrea Ferrara, Antonella ChirichielloProceedings of the European Conference on Web Services (ECOWS'04) (DIS Technical Report 13-2004)2004